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Learn To Sing At Any Age
Did you always want to learn to singmonster beats by dr dre, but never had the time? With college and career, marriage and children, and then your kids college and careers, and their marriage and children, the years have a way of spinning away from us. Before you know it, you have gone from being a young adult to an empty nester in the blink of an eye.
You and your spouse may find yourselves retired, looking at each other over the breakfast table saying, What should we do now? You may think of hobbies you never pursued and think you might be too old to learn to sing?
Luckily the voice is unlike other muscles of the body in that it can be used with very good results well into advanced age. It would be silly to think you could be…

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Group climbing slugger stimulation life

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Bristol Jansson Alps, southern France, southern end of the coast of a natural rock field, ancient granite white mountain has been very mature, excellent climbing environment. The biggest advantage is very open, moderate and temperature, are also suitable, not many people in the country rarely able to find such a great climbing gym. Sea, blue on one word, placid, heartbreaking Yeah, the camera is shot G12, this perspective is a bit backlit, although not a SLR, but the image quality is very good sharpness and detail has less than SLR general body mass can be close to SLR quality.


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Suffer from thunder and lightning ,How would nyou do ?

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1, from the mountain too close to the place. Rainstorm days may rockfall, the risk of floods.
2, a distance too close to the river or stream. The storm river tide may punch your tent.
3, under a tree. The storm likely camped under a tree struck by lightning.
By the way, a digression, where the storms ideal camp site? Than the end of the overall terrain and

vegetation height (at a relatively low open area, not paste

Near tall plants, but can not stay away from tall plants, the plants may be the only quoted Ray

objects), and to maintain a certain distance with tall plants or building

Away from the location.  ( )
Outdoors, inevitably will encounter a variety of natural and man-made disasters, the most important must

be calm, and self-help. Once trapped in flash floods in the mountains, to choose an elevated

The ground or cave waiting to be rescued from the Shan Hong Daoyuan rest; communication tools, looking

for some tree branches and other combustible materials ignited, the fire at the same time put a

Some wet twigs or grass, the fire rises a lot of smoke, to attract the attention of search and rescue
By the way, a digression, where the storms ideal camp site? Than the end of the overall terrain and

vegetation height (at a relatively low open area, not paste

Near tall plants, but can not stay away from tall plants, the plants may be the only quoted Ray

objects), and to maintain a certain distance with tall plants or building

Away from the location.
Outdoors, inevitably will encounter a variety of natural and man-made disasters, the most important must

be calm, and self-help. Once trapped in flash floods in the mountains, to choose an elevated

The ground or cave waiting to be rescued from the Shan Hong Daoyuan rest; communication tools, looking

for some tree branches and other combustible materials ignited, the fire at the same time put a

Some wet twigs or grass, the fire rises a lot of smoke, to attract the attention of search and rescue
 Imagine prepared on a warm summer afternoon, you are leisurely camping, buy a new oven and bake

delicious picnic, you and your family a very happy

Enjoy a meal. Suddenly, the rain Bata Bata drops in the arm, Before you realize it, the sky Raining

began to rain. At this time, the distance as if coming

The thunder. How would you do?

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Where Has the Summer Gone?

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Chinese Foreign Ministry: delineation of the baselines of the territorial sea of the Fishing Islands in line with international regulations

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China solemnly reiterated that the Japanese side on the Fishing Islands to take unilateral action of the so-called “purchase” entirely illegal and invalid, did not change the historical facts of Japan stealing Chinese territory, did not shake the Chinese Diaoyu Islands territorial sovereignty. The Chinese government and people will never tolerate violations of territorial sovereignty and damage, and will resolutely safeguard the sovereignty of the Fishing Islands. China strongly urges the Japanese side to immediately undo “Share island” wrong decision, stop all damages of China’s territorial sovereignty. Otherwise, all the consequences arising therefrom can only be borne by the Japanese side. September 10, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi urgently summoned Japanese Ambassador to China Niwa Uichiro made solemn representations and strong protest, the Japanese government’s illegal “purchase” the Diaoyu Islands. The same day, the Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua to the person in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan made solemn representations and submit a protest note. On September 10, the Japanese government, regardless of China’s repeated solemn representations, announced “buy” Fishing Islands and its subsidiaries south island and north island, the implementation of the so-called “nationalization”. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement: This is a serious violation of China’s territorial sovereignty, and the serious injury of the 1.3 billion Chinese people’s feelings, is a serious violation of the historical facts and international jurisprudence, the Chinese government and people expressed firm opposition and a strong protest. Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council, said the speech at the Diplomatic Academy of the teachers and students: Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory, sovereignty and territorial issue, the Chinese government and people will never retracted. Decided to buy the Fishing Islands Japanese action: Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura repair at a press conference at the prime minister’s residence announced in the afternoon of September 10, the Japanese government has decided to purchase by the government of the Diaoyu Islands “Senkaku Islands” (that is, the the Chinese Diaoyu islands), North Little Island and South islands, these three islands “nationalized”. Fujimura repair, the Japanese government made the decision at the meeting of the relevant cabinet minister, the Japanese government on the the “Share island matters with the so-called” land owners “to reach an agreement. According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported, Fujimura repair, Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro, Finance Minister Ann live soon, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Hata Yuichiro attended the meeting. Wen Jiabao: the Chinese government and people will never retracted On September 10, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao went to the China Foreign Affairs University speech, Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi statue unveiling to the teachers and students. Wen said the old China and humiliation, a broken, weak state has no diplomatic. The Chinese government and people cherish the hard-won national sovereignty and national dignity, even in the case of extremely hardships than anyone else, is steadfast in upholding. Fishing Islands are China’s inherent territory, sovereignty and territorial issues, the Chinese government and people will never retracted. Wen said China to follow the path of mutual benefit and win-win conforms to the trend of globalization, the only correct choice is also a response to the challenges of the international financial crisis. In recent years, our initiatives and to promote a series of major cooperative initiatives have achieved remarkable results, and expand a broad space for the development of China’s economy also has contributed to promote world economic recovery and growth. Current international hot cause of the problem is more complex, faster change, broader impact. China adheres to an independent foreign policy of peace, to make judgments based on things that the merits of the independent, not allied with any country or group of countries, and actively participate in international security cooperation, and earnestly safeguard the national interest and the well-being of the people of the world. Wen also said that China has today stand tall in the eastern part of the world, an unprecedented level of attention by the international community, is bound to play an increasingly important role. Chinese Foreign Ministry: delineation of the baselines of the territorial sea of ​​the Fishing Islands in accordance with international law On September 10, the Chinese government issued a statement to announce the baseline of the territorial waters of Diaoyu Islands basis points. In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in response to a reporter’s question, the DFishing Islands since ancient times, is China’s inherent territory, China has indisputable sovereignty. Chinese government delineated and published in accordance with the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone, the baseline of the territorial waters of Diaoyu Islands basis points. Related approach is consistent with the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

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The world’s most beautiful athletes ‘s life partner

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Well-known entertainment website zimbio selected the 10 most beautiful athletes in the world today wife / girlfriend Bryant wife Wa Laisha only column 24, the Spice Girls has topped the top 10, what Pageant fortunate the list?
Wife of rugby star TomBrady’s, the world’s most expensive supermodel

NBA San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker’s wife Eva

Cole’s early Xie Lier

Grizzlies players “drinking fountains” Jaric’s wife, supermodel

Crouch’s girlfriend, one of the most famous WAG in Premiership

The baseball star ReggieBush girlfriend, they also outflow over sex video

Tennis star Andy Roddick’s wife

Beckham’s wife

The baseball star TerrellOwens current girlfriend

The current girlfriend baseball superstar AlexRodriguez, but she beat Madonna get AlexRodriguez heart

F1 driver Hamilton Wildcats two skelter several

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Do you have a pair of bright and dewy eyes ??

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Eyes, being hailed as the “windows of the soul”. It is the first of the five senses, the vital organs of the people, for the people’s work, study and life are crucial.Everyone hopes to have the the double bright eyes of God, but to protect their own eyes, the conditioning of the daily diet is important thing. # Animal food in vitamin A, carotene in plant foods is to protect the eyes, and the maintenance of normal vision “panacea”. The lack of them, eyes will be bleak vision loss. Because vitamin A, and carrots, factors directly involved in chemicals absorb light in the retina – the formation of rhodopsin. Better nutritional status of vitamin A in the body of rhodopsin synthesis more, shorter time to restore vision in the dark light. Conversely, the vitamin A nutritional status is poor, inadequate amounts of vitamin A in the blood, can lead to the synthesis of rhodopsin obstacles will appear to the night that vaguely see something of the night blindness phenomenon. Upon supplementation with vitamin A or carotene such problems will be lifted. # In addition, vitamin A and carotene is also key nutrients to maintain normal human epithelial tissue metabolism. Once the vitamin A deficiency, and there will be a dry eye and corneal osteomalacia. Thus, from the appearance of giving a eyelid wrinkles, dull eyes, dehydration less God feeling. # Food vitamin B2, is also important nutrients for eye protection. Once the lack of it, will also appear eyes primary light, dry, lack of God, Yingfengliulei and vision loss and other phenomena, eyes giving a tired spirit feeling kind of eye protection? Eyes are direct human visual understanding of the objective world. organ, no eyes, we feel around dark. To protect your eyes, you must start from the following aspects:
1.Prevention of myopia. Is not strong or too dark light reading, writing. Reading and writing posture to sit upright, to maintain a distance of more than 30 cm between the eye and the book.Not lying down reading. Car walk do not read books.
2. Read and write time not too long. Every 50 minutes or so to relax or do some eye exercises or looking off to the window.
3. Do not watch TV programs for a long time, to operate a computer and playing video games.
4. Attention to prevent eye injury, foreign body gets in the eyes with the correct approach.
5. Do not rub your eyes, do not rub eyes dirty handkerchief or dirty towel. Do not share towels, washbasin and bath.
6. Do not look directly at the sun (especially at noon) and welding light, so as not to burn the eyes. Meals remember to bring sunglasses to protect the eyes
7. Suffering from eye diseases to be treated promptly, while careful not germs to other

Eye protection :
1 lit
The light should be sufficient and comfortable (the light is too weak, the font can not see, will be imagined myopia).
2, reflective to avoid
The desk should have edge lights device, which is designed to reduce the reflective, in order to reduce damage to the eyes.
3, reading time not too long
Whether doing homework or watching TV, time not too long, a short break every hour or so is better.
4, posture should be upright
Can not be hunched over, do their homework very near or tummy, this could easily lead to ciliary muscle tension caused by excessive fatigue, and cause myopia.
5, the reading distance should be moderate
The standard distance of 30 cm prevail between the books and the eyes, and the height of the tables and chairs should be the body to adapt, will not be forced.
Distance, watching TV too close not to
Watching TV should be kept with the TV screen diagonal distance of six to eight times every hour should rest for a moment is appropriate.
7, sleep is essential, regular daily routine
The lack of sleep the body fatigue, could easily lead to the pseudo-myopia.
8, do more outdoor sports and wear sports sunglasses
Often looking off to relax eye muscle, prevent myopia, more contact with nature, Castle Peak green good for the health of the eye.
9,Nutritional intake should be balanced
Can not be a partial eclipse, should pay special attention to the intake of vitamin B (germ vegetables, cereals, yeast).

1. pay attention to develop good heHealth habits: : computer operator should not side to operate a computer while eating, and it is not in the operating room dining, otherwise easily lead to indigestion or gastritis. Computer keyboard more contacts, After work should wash their hands to prevent infectious diseases.
2, to keep the skin clean: keep clean the skin of the face and hands, because the surface of the computer screen, there is a lot of static electricity, gather dust can reach all parts of the exposed skin of the face and hands of the operator, such as do not clean a long time, and prone to unsightly rash, pigmentation, severe cases may even cause skin lesions, impact of beauty and physical and mental health.
Note added nutrition: computer operator in the screen before the long working hours, the retina rhodopsin is consumed mainly by the synthesis of vitamin A rhodopsin. Therefore, the computer operator should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other food, people to supplement full of vitamin A and protein. Usually can drink some tea, crude tea contains polyphenols and other active substances, absorption and antagonistic role of radioactive substances, made known function as well as genetic factors have a protective effect on the human body.
4, pay attention to the correct posture: sit-owned operation should be correct and comfortable. The central location of the computer screen should be installed, it is best to use in online the same level of the chest with the operator, the distance of the eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm adjustable height chair. During the operation, should always winked or turn a blind eye to rest for a while, to adjust and improve vision and prevent vision loss.
5, pay attention to the work environment: the computer room light should be appropriate, not too bright or too dark, avoid direct exposure to light on the screen and interfere with the light. Periodically clear indoor dust and microorganisms, best to clean up with a damp cloth or warm mop the disinfected air filter, properly regulate the amount of wind, transform fresh air. Home computer operating should refer to the heart of a strip melodious, and use the shield electronic spokes body to minimize possible harm to human body.
6, attention to work and rest: In general, the computer operator should rest for about 10 minutes after 1 hour of continuous work. And the best activities outside of the operating room activities limbs and trunk, take a walk, do some Guangbo Cao, active rest, or do eye exercises and activities head indoors (a lot of people complain about cervical pain, its head would be helpful ).
7, to protect their eyesight: To protect vision, in addition to regular breaks, pay attention to the supplement containing vitamin A-rich foods, the best attention to overlook, and often do eye exercises, to ensure adequate sleep time.

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Entire family to a father of five baby climbing Legion ”

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Hugo (16), Thoma (15), Elie (13), Nina (10) and Naile (8), Meignan family of five children in father Lucas led by Spain Aragon spent a perfect climbing holiday. Their early age like father under the influence on the sport.
“5 small when we guide them to participate in mountain sports, develop their exercise habits and indomitable will, childhood safe climbing consciousness. Addition, also occasionally take them to participate in other outdoor activities.” Lucas tells the story about his climbing baby.

Children a passion for rock climbing, and very talented, with the hoisting of belief and physical, and has the correct values ​​in practice, the climb can make rational decisions, to ensure their own safety. Cliffs Directions The bouldering in fact, their play park, and sometimes they will choose their own routes. almost time our indoor and outdoor practice, I educate them to have a peace of mind and a cautious attitude. indoor practice except at home and sometimes go to the club.

As parents, our children’s education substantially all of penetration in the climbing, and guide them to safety climbing healthy competition. Often with them on weekends and holidays go outdoor rock climbing, and participate in the competition. Their mother is a world-class judo players, so they also like judo, often practice to improve their abilities. In fact, each of them has its own characteristics in rock climbing, but as long as that for their own just fine together discovered the fun of life.’
In addition to their separate competitions, a family climbing destination in Italy, is also possible that the United States, mainly to see the budget situation, after all, so all costly. ‘

Hugo Meignan

Thoma Meignan

Elie Meignan

Naile Meignan


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Dislocation photography

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New Zealand woman Revisited Afghanistan’s new route summit technology-based peaks

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New Zealand woman Pat Deavoll, a soft spot for the Afghan mountain climbers, following the last year and the partner by Christine Byrch along the northwest ridge line to the summit A northern Koh-e-Baba-Tangi mountain (6515 m above sea level), this year Julycarrying her new teammates depart at this “dangerous” mountain again, success along the new route to the summit in mid-August, the technology-based mountain Koh-e-Rant (an altitude of 5850 m -6050 m), a 40 years no one to”lonely” peaks. Pat Deavoll this climb briefly described

“I have just come back from Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor, which is nearly two years I go this time I Maryrose Fowlie (female, New Zealand) is likely to be successful first ascent of a named Koh-e-Rant peaksupper Qala Panja glacier upper.

Our original goal Rohazon Zom peak to the last moment before departure Paul Knott announced its withdrawal, which to some extent affect the strength of our overall climb, forcing us to readjust climbing trip. But experienced Maryrose gives me more confidence. August 2, Qala Panja icefall climbing after eight consecutive days, we boarded the point Koh-e-Rant peak, accompanied by my brother Bill Byrch.

According to the the meager map information and my altimeter, Koh-e-Rant peak altitude of 5850-6050 meters, so far no clear climbing record, recorded in 1968 a French team had the to Upper Qala Panja glaciers in the mountains and we found their camp, they left the dry cheese. When they most likely tried Koh-e-Rant peak, as they climbed near the Koh-e-Sedara peak. ‘
In early August last year, the New Zealand sisters of Pat Deavoll and the Christine Byrch along the northwest ridge route to the summit in northern Afghanistan, Koh-e-Baba-Tangi mountain (6515 m above sea level), which is the second summit since the first ascent of the mountain in 1963 . Since 2003, Carlo Alberto Pinelli expedition to the summit due to the traffic problems in the Wakhan corridor (Wakhan Corridor), the Nuo Shake peak (7492 m above sea level), the climbers over the years can not step into the mountain in 2008, an Italian The climbers tried to enter the Koh-e-Baba-Tangi peaks unsuccessful.

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Outdoor sports brand advertising creative than simple and direct

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Outdoor sports brand advertising is not advertising than other brands need more creative? Faced with overwhelming advertising, how to seize the initiative to come to the fore? Creative advertising to stimulate consumer desire to buy? The newspaper joint investigation Circle were The online survey, outdoor sports brand in ispochina2011 (Seventh Asian sporting goods and fashion show) during the on-site investigation.
Phenomenon: good brownie points
A line of people stand barefoot in the snow and ice possible exception of underwear nothing to wear, and they are smiling, everyone holding a piece of clothing … This is an ad in the Beijing subway tunnels. The survey shows that, to many consumers, this ad was impressed – “a piece of clothing can be strong to the point!” It turned out that Columbia introduced a revolutionary thermal technology – Omni-Heat exceptional thermal systems …
Pathfinder Pathfinder invited Wang as a spokesperson, Wang high visibility and good image of the high-end crowd, as well as its frequent summit feat of the World Summit on the professional image of the Pathfinder can be demonstrated, and a good fit customer base. The Pathfinder CCTV jingles “overtheway” let the ALICE love love outdoor sports.
An excellent advertising to attract consumers is that creative content. Outdoor sports brand if unconventional advertising creative, inventive, the consumer will have a powerful psychological breakthrough effect. Its distinctive characteristics will inspire consumers to generate strong interest and left a deep impression, and then touch their consumption nerve. ALICE well-informed, active thinking, in order to win their favor, creativity is more essential.
Many outdoor sports brand advertising, whether consumers can remember an ad? 41 respondents, ages 21-30 years old accounted for 90.2%, 31-40 years of age accounted for 7.3%, 2.5% The respondents in the 41-50 years old. These people, noticed an advertisement accounted for 75.6%, 24.4% and did not pay attention to a an outdoor sports brand advertising. Can clearly recall an ad respondents accounted for 20.5%, 30.8% of respondents remember most of the 28.2% of the respondents have the impression fuzzy, just remember some 20.5% do not remember. The survey results show that outdoor sports brand advertising brownie points with a good performance.
Why an outdoor sports brand advertising to attract eyeballs, 25.0% of the respondents just to fill the empty hours, 10.0% of the respondents wanted to know more about a product through advertising, eye-catching enough that the carrier area accounted for 25.0% of the respondents, 32.5% of respondents believed that advertising content to attract talent let their attention to an ad, 7.5% of the respondents do not understand the reasons why.
Analysis: creative advertising can sellers rare
“Advertising is not to spend money to make you good to be true, the ads must be responsible for business advertising whimsical can, but it must not be divorced from the business and otherwise creative stories that are no good.” Participate in a ispochina2011 outdoor sports brand advertising manager Mr. Lu told reporters. In the current situation of the outdoor sports advertising, a lot of creative advertising, but also sellers of advertising creativity is rare.
Then consumers are holding a point of view? Outdoor sports brand, a creative advertising, how much impact the purchasing decisions of consumers? 10.8% of the respondents think that will change the purchase decision; think there is a certain the impact, but will give priority to the original intention of the respondents (62.2%); 21.6% of respondents believed that almost no impact; 5.4% of the respondents

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Creative Outdoor Advertising

September 3, 2012 3 comments
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No pedal bike

September 1, 2012 3 comments

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Outdoor Movies

August 31, 2012 1 comment

“Vertical Limit”
The most significant feature of the movie is the outdoor climbing. Heroism and popcorn
Easy integration of talent. Different people found inside the music
Interest. Chinese audiences are familiar with the movie. Climbing movie that slip
A fall dead individuals too unusual, but “crying wolf Wars
A the group similar outdoor mountaineering Huazhui lens. Vertical and low quality. Chess imitation ”
Limit “the traces of a very strong but this small flaws we do not care about the pro you say okay,

“The tragedy the rest of his life”
This movie based on the true story of the movie called disaster class
This is definitely not ironic in a wonderful work. This crash tragedy
Drama and so survival miracle. Want to copy the. Unless God without
Happy so. Old providential script. How to shoot how good. Same
Crash movie, “crying wolf wars” in the scene of the crash wreckage layout.
Completely. Loyal, a bit too much to learn the works of their predecessors, do not blame
Director, who let this scene in the whole film ten minutes?

Beads juvenile Langma peak
With Everest has its roots in more than adventure company. Movies public
Division, for example! MA X.1996 years there is the scene in the Everest tragedy
IMAX Corporation crews to participate in that plan, first save.
Good shooting are disrupted. In the following spring. Dice axis awkward
IMAX Corporation once again into the mountains, and finally completed the shooting of this film. Zhong
Real reduction of that famous Everest mountain. And for this
The piece dubbed Hollywood cafe precisely Werewolf Wars
Hero with Muni Sen. In fact. Neeson Uncle
Multi-documentaries offer his wonderful voice. Thing
We have said earlier.

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climbing a mountain

August 30, 2012 1 comment

Like climbing a mountain that I am not particularly to climb on the physique is extraordinary and the ordinary.
Like climbing a mountain climbing fun. Climbing cheer troubles, trivial distractions behind you, to enjoy nature Yile; climbing Yee heart, perhaps by the ancients “For a grander sight, a higher level” spun obsessed upward The A Yiyue on top. It is: one on one on another, one on top to the mountains. Raise my Red Day to cloud, rivers and mountains in sight; climbing Yisi This is a very interesting thought Yat, when your feet try to climb in, thinking they casually left the body in the mountains, in the mountains, enjoying another some emotion. And one or artificially high mountain peaks mood, Quan like the wonderful sentiment soaked with the whole mind. There was a wise man “woolly-headed” and dead drunk, high mountain, trance, staring at the earth, rivers, cities, and the clear water and blue sky scenery rare daze “, much the same purpose. Versa is a blessing.
Needless to say, the the mountaineering cultivate character, beneficial body Yixin puzzle. Bring the camera can enjoy the visual feast of a different kind, gulping, or there is another eternal harvest. This harvest, personally cultivate the results of the mind.


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Do you like rock climbing

Opened on a natural rock Sport line is a very exciting thing, when you play a safe, clean, beautiful, challenging the line, you will have a great sense of accomplishment, you will be very happy to other climbers introduce you to the development of the line, with climbers from around the world to share your happiness.
If you first climb (redpoint), you can also named to the line. But the line is not only fun, or a very serious matter. Because, if you choose inappropriate rock, with substandard equipment, or purely due to your own mistakes yourself, a partner or other climbers injury or even death, you will cause to themselves and their families, friends great pain (own killed not say, recognize bad luck; fall killed the others, you will be faced with legal, economic predicament, or at least conscience condemn). So, the lines of development on the natural rock must be careful, “Safety is always the first thing to consider is the most important factor. 0, open informant should possess the following qualities
0.1, the operating capacity Yangshuo of Xitang international climbing club opened informants should first be a climber, the only way he have sufficient capacity to myself, partner and later climbers responsible. He must have considerable experience, must be able to manipulate a variety of commonly used climbing equipment and open-line equipment, he must be skilled own solid to ensure that the points (Anchor), skilled use of rope and playing all kinds of knots, skilled The descent with protection, including GuiGui, ATC, Reverso, 8 words (not recommended), skilled use of fast hanging, master locks, rope and sling In addition, the need to wear seat belts skilled. Which set the Anchor is perhaps the most important and easily overlooked, access to relevant information on how to set up secure Anchor, this is not the scope of this article (old iron have very good talks on this issue).
0.2, climbing ability
Is difficult to conceive of a low-level climbers can develop a high level of line, so climbing ability is to open the lines should have the basic ability. In general, you develop the line should not be more than your best climbing level (redpoint level stress, Pioneer needs to climb, but not the top rope and hanging on a rope on repeated attempts) too high, a digital high 5.10 below 5.10 above (including 5.10) and one or two high letters are acceptable. Climbing ability is less than managed to develop a tough line, the likely result of a low-quality lines, or even destroy the rock wall was the later ridiculed cattle with verbal abuse.
0.3, a responsible attitude
Consider to be involved to develop a good natural rock Sport line, such as a safe, clean, and beautiful, and so is particularly important, because of someone else’s life might be in your My attitude, so there must be open lines a responsible manner, it is necessary to take full account of the high levels of climbers with low levels of climbers on the line that may be encountered, such as the level is not high climbers will fall off the platform or rock wall tree’s main branches dry, this situation is likely to cause serious injury.
1, the necessary equipment
Bolt (expansion nail)
Bolt for Hanger fixed on the rocks, because of the Bolt the quality is directly related to the safety of climbers, and Bolt once installation is extremely difficult to remove, so the the Bolt choice becomes extremely important. In general, when you choose Bolt taking into account the local climate and environment, for example, in the north of China, Beijing, Guo Liang, Huang Yadong, etc. due to less rain, dry climate, you can use the carbon steel Bolt, in these areas, carbon Steel Bolt should be able to use for more than 20 years; while in the southern region of China, Yangshuo, Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other areas due to rain and wet climate, steel equipment rust easily, it is best to use a stainless steel Bolt.
In order to be able to withstand enough momentum, Bolt screw diameter should not be less than 10mm. Bolt the length varies with the rock rocky general, granite 60mm of Bolt strong enough (which need to the granite surfaces weathering part removed); limestone due microporous, preferably with a 90mm length. may also be used viscose dedicated Bolt. 1.2 Hanger (hanging) Hanger for connecting Bolt and fast hanging, hanging piece of quality related to the person’s life, so sloppy. Coupon should use the regular manufacturers UIAA or CE certification, the UIAA certified 22Kn (bear tension about 2 tons of force), CE certification should strictly, generally 25Kn (the bear rally of about 2 tons of force) . In addition, some hang piece design can wear rope, and Metolius some models, MadRock, Trango’s. While the vast majority of the coupon can not be directly wear the rope, because the sharp hole coupon, it is easy to cut the rope, be sure to use lock connected to a rope with Hanger. Taking into account weather factors, the southern region is preferably made of stainless steel, the North can use galvanized steel material.
The choice of the drill Please reference: “job suitable rock drills> 1.4, hammer deceive small mm show off what you can buy a BlackDiamond or Petzl of the splendidly rock hammer, more than 400 yuan. If not then burn bag, buy a claw hammer is enough. Weigh the time to buy, do not be sunk, carrying a strenuous and not too light, so do not conveniently. Buy it back on the rod to make a hole to fasten a small noose, save from the rock fall.
As long as the appropriate nut size, screwed up the effort, together with less Shen. Fasten small noose, save from the rock fall.
Blowing drilling in stone gray, pay attention to the right diameter, to be able to into the hole about one meter in length suitable. So a Yong Shounie blowing Sub. Fasten small noose, save from the rock fall.
Climbing equipment: Due to the development of new routes, often from the edge of the cliffs to go around or climb up to traditional or Aid. Traditional climbing up, it will need more equipment than listed below, such as mechanical plugs, rock plug, rock cone (as far as possible without, lest destruction of rock); rope ladder if you want to Aid, also need to be prepared, rock hook, FiFi hook and so a lot of equipment.
The best choice for the rope diameter in 9.5mm or more static rope or climbing Ropes (static rope is better to extend the small, easy to control in the air), because the the rope dropped braking more effort to use GriGri rope diameter of more than 10mm, or unsafe.
Seat belt
Please select the belt and thigh with a relatively wide and soft models, otherwise hanging in the air for a long time will feel extremely uncomfortable.
Decline protector
Appropriate fall GriGri (single rope dropped) and ATC or Reverso (double abseiling). Need to use GriGri rope fixed at the top, good GriGri self-locking function (use the rope greater than 9.5mm in diameter), using GriGri can be very convenient to stay in the air to release the hands to operate other equipment, such as drills, hand drills, hammers, wrenches, etc.. If no GriGri ATC or Reverso plus French grasping junction, such a system can also be easily stays in the air to release the hands operating the equipment. Play on the French caught junction see other information. 1.7.4, helmets
Helmet is necessary! Undeveloped lines usually rockfall, be sure to bring a helmet.
Master Lock
I do not have to say it?
Many purposes, test line you do to ensure the point you
Many purposes, such as the practice style caught knot.
The noose and sling
The many uses, for example, the practice of grasping the knot, do to ensure that the point of use.
Ju rope (Daisy)
Fixed already beaten Hanger own.
1.8 crane to pull the package?
Used to pull equipment hanging from the bottom upwards. Often very hard to climb, so be sure to be less with things, with only the most needed things, has nothing to do with climbing equipment can later hanging pull up. Climbing stores generally have dedicated hanging pull package sale, however beautiful and professional, but expensive. Hanging pull package can do it yourself, you can use special wear-resistant PVC fabric cuts, then sewing without more ado. Master smashing line to find a shoe repair is a good choice.
Other aids (optional)
Used to try climbing on the rock after calibration playing Bolt’s location. With magnesium powder instead (high cost :-)).
Goggles, earplugs and face masks
Goggles for eye protection, can prevent the drill collapse small sand into the eyes.
Masks, you do not want to silicosis, right? Prepare a no harm.
Often screw wrench handle knock on a stone, not afraid to wear gloves.

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A personal letter about Diaoyu Islands to Hu Jintao from Japanese Prime Minister

The recent series of events that caused due to the Diaoyu Islands issue in Sino-Japanese tensions intensify further. 27, rejected by the Japanese government in Tokyo, raised boarded the Diaoyu Islands field survey application, but the Japanese media claimed that the government had been prepared as early as September Diaoyu Islands “nationalization”; 28, Japanese media reported that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda plans handwritten sent a letter to Chinese leaders, called on both sides to calmly, and reaffirmed the importance of the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relations between the two countries on bilateral relations in the recent dispute over the Diaoyu Islands tensions.
Not approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan landed on the island investigation
According to Xinhua News Agency, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura repair the afternoon of the 27th day of the Japanese government a written response, Tokyo Diaoyu Islands are not approved by the end of this month which previously carried out a field survey application.
Fujimura said, Nagahama, Deputy Chief of Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki written reply Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo, raised landing on the island application is not approved, the reason is to smooth stability and management, in addition to government stakeholders, in principle, prohibit any person from landing on the island. Ishihara said in a statement, the Japanese government refused to Tokyo, landed on the island “was unable to understand on this.
Earlier, the Japanese government rejected Japan’s ultra-partisan alliance of parliamentarians same ground, landing on the island held the application of the “comfort spiritual sacrifices.
The Ishihara, announced in April this year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be held this year from private hands to the acquisition of the Diaoyu Islands, part of the island. Since then, Tokyo, to the measurement of the island land the grounds that landed on the island investigating the application to the Japanese Government on the 22nd of this month.
According to NHK television reported, in view of the landing on the island application is rejected, Tokyo, September 2 sent a survey ship to sea surveys over the Diaoyu Islands. Ishihara also said that, personally participated in the survey in October.
As early as September Diaoyu Islands “nationalization”
The Chinese Foreign Ministry had repeatedly position on the Diaoyu Islands issue, pointed out that the Diaoyu islands since ancient times, is China’s inherent territory, the earliest discovered by the Chinese, naming and utilization. The Japanese side of Diaoyu Islands to take any unilateral action is illegal, invalid, and China urged the Japanese side to effectively handle the current problem, and to avoid the impact on the overall situation of Sino-Japanese relations.
Yoshihiko Noda, however, on the 27th again tough stance to the issue of the Diaoyu Islands and Takeshima (South Korea called Dokdo) “calm and decided to corresponding”. On the same day, Japanese media said the government has drawn up a timetable of the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” of September will have the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization”.
According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on the 27th, while gradually clear “unilateral Share island” action against the Tokyo Metropolitan, the Japanese government to accelerate action to develop the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” timetable, the desire to be first in September this year to buy Diaoyu Islands, to the so-called Japanese side of Diaoyu Islands “land owner” of the proposed purchase of a total of 2 billion yen.
Reported analysts said the Japanese government returned Ishihara landed on the island of application, but to speed up the pace of the implementation of the “nationalization” of the Diaoyu Islands, in order to implement the national “sovereignty”. This was a frustrating while territorial disputes with South Korea, Russia, Japan, is accelerating the transition from the actual control of the “right to rule” on the Diaoyu Islands to the full control over the management of the “sovereignty”.
Noda caused by a personal letter to Chinese leaders
NHK television station reported that on the 28th, around the Diaoyu Islands issue, the Sino-Japanese relations again became tense, the Noda Cabinet Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” policy as well as the seizure of Hong Kong, China Diaoyu incident, led to anti-Japanese sentiment in China. In this context, Noda plans caused by a personal letter to Chinese leaders.
According to Japanese government sources, Noda plans to in the letter expressed concern about tensions between the two countries on the Diaoyu Islands issue. Meanwhile, in September, a time when the recovery the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Noda plans in the letter reaffirmed the importance of the strategic and mutually beneficial relations between the two countries, both major concerns and the Korean issue expounded the position and attitude of the Japanese side, and urge the two sides to calm the high-level dialogue.
Japan’s Kyodo News reported that 28 Yoshihiko Noda upcoming visit to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister of Yamaguchi strong forwarded a personal letter addressed to Chinese President Hu Jintao.

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What did u do this summer

The pleasant summer life is like a flowing endless stream. “Creek” at all times in the singing joy joyful children’s song, which prawn fishing is a very pleasant one.
It is a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the sun would smiling his hot be thunderstruck “Revenge” sprinkling the earth. The whole earth has suddenly become a big stove. We happily under the scorching sun under the leadership of the teachers, rushed to catch a shrimp farm, the first to show in front of us is an oval-shaped shrimp ponds, the shrimp ponds, like a piece of green jade, breeze blowing, the water immediately thrown in waves, the United States. Shrimp farm’s uncle saw us come to “personal visits”, smiles busy open, hold parasols, distribute food, and net bag … students holding shrimp pole carrying stools each selected an optimal place to sit down, quiet shrimp ponds suddenly crowded together.
I took the prawn fishing tools came to where I feel easy to catch shrimp, sit down later, I began to “work” together. I put on the heart-shaped grains shrimp hook, and then thrown into the water, the next they calmly wait for the shrimp to children “patronizing”, given floats up and down in the water about 15 minutes or so, beat a few times, my heart out followed by floats jump stop, I hold on tightly with both hands shrimp pole suddenly mentioning, but raised up the bait has gone even shrimp child’s shadow did not see. This “guy” is really cunning. I will to put them back on the shrimp bait shrimp hook thrown into the water. After a child, buoys and beating the few, and this time I did not rush to pole, when the buoy suddenly sink into the water, I see the time is ripe, they shoved mentioning rod, but Who knows shrimp children with a the strokes belonging fled, this was so angry I want to dropped shrimp not fishing pole. Just the teacher came up to me and said: “the children, Whatever you do must have patience this shrimp children bite can be ‘tricky’ it first dragged the bait is in the ‘wandering’, and so drag it to the Security place before ‘taste’, and so we do and do not impatient.
I listened to the teacher spread “secret” I Shuaixia shrimp hook. After a shrimp children hooked. I slowly shrimp are dying child put the network, initial victory, I turn hook thrown into the water, waiting for the next to the invading enemy “…
Unconsciously they day nearly Zhongtian, each carrying the triumphant return of the “spoils of war” seemingly very simple little things tell us a reason: patience and perseverance is the “cornerstone” of a career, or will achieve nothing

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Olympic ‘s Beauty

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Oakley MP3 sunglasses , cool in the end

OAKLEY has online Logout new sunglasses shape MP3 player, named Split Thump. With the previous release of the product is that the Split Thump on the headset can be demolished, and can be removed when you do not want to listen to music as an ordinary sunglasses

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