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A group of interesting pictures

A high level of PS picture 

A high level of PS picture too This hairstyle is the 2008 coolest hair








The minimum requirement is only a SmileBeggars with dignity

too many false things











always prepared for the unexpected risk in a million doings   the unhappy flies that “in case”. 


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Henry Samelson

I love it ,

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To Daddy

Father’s day is coming, , for so many years I’ve been seeking a way to express my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. Here comes it!

Thank you for always being there sharing my life when I need you most. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I never feel alone and vulnerable, because you will keep me on the right path. I’m blessed to have you.

Thank you for offering me education and teaching me how to be a man. You always inspire me not by words, but by what you have done! Your efforts in the work, your loyalty to your friends, your responsibility for the family and your persistence in the life have already set me good examples in my own life. Father has showed his special care to me by his man style love. He’s strict with my studies hoping i could be good enough for colledge. He’s generous with my pocket money, then i deal with money well.

Thank you for always appreciating my work, no matter how tiny it is! You have made me realize that it’s capacity not scores that really counts.

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7 Food Blogs to Follow This Summer

7 Food Blogs to Follow This Summer.

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Mother was a beauty, time you don’t hurt her

My fashion road

Seldom watch TV, but recent was attracted by  a fashion  TV show . The show is about how to put an ugly duckling into white swan process. I think it’s moving place is not ultimately each women appearance chang, but in their after psychological experts to their psychological  thorough analysis, a reasonable proposal, after a metamorphosis of body and mind, into a confident, beautiful woman. Every time I saw the show, I wonder, if I  were on this show, what kind of a new self will be ?



Think about it, my fashion road,easy and easy But also to send some regrets.
When I was yong, my mom is a love dress up also would dress up, I often take great pride, I have a smart’s mother. Because when I was a child I look like a doll, mother love dress me. Always give me buy various kinds of clothes, when I was five years old back to me ironed the full head of curls. My elementary school two, three grade, just pop bell bottoms. My mom with wool knit me one, as the split the trumpet, the exercise selfcontrol, with a pair of red shoes, in that era is absolutely the wrong leads tide. Did you ever think, I put it on the day that the school campus in line at noon on the way out, and I, the body is dressed up but from some understanding of the alumni don’t know despised, now she (he) of the expression in retrospect or so fresh: pass me by, leave your mouth, inclined fix attention looking toward me, muttered: you see, she also wear this pants! At that time, I this “alternative” dress up let me  sad, became everyone’s talking about the focus. She (he) of the virulent reaction, hurt my little heart, back home has cried, accused mother why give I wear this dress. Finally, the mother can’t, and after a few days, do not know from which seek to a BanJiu not new style, old coat, lunch that day, and I am like a happy little bird, jumping to wear it, the new bag to my dad when a soldier with yellow bag, cheerfully to the school run to, that one day, feel the weather very good! Now, I think the world is that they want to prejudice, leave me “fashion beauty” pursuit to kill.  ……. I think, this change is not only to my dress I request, is more a psychological it. Slowly long, in adolescence, seem to also have no get make public, mother even inhibit I that age due to emphasize and vigor, perhaps she is afraid of adolescent children rebel lose control and too strict requirements I.
Give me the various provisions formulated. The deepest impression once, I like to play her sweety shouted, mom! But by her immediately rebuked: speak so why that accent! At that time, I’m shocked god, whose stand for a moment……. I think from that time on, in my heart and my mom some estrangement. I always tried to control of his words and deeds, adolescence is spent in the depression. Can’t too make public from already smile, efforts to restrain his own idea. That is, from then on, I learned to silence. Neighbors are around said: I am a very good girl! In fact, my heart does not feel very happy! Of course, this life atmosphere and how I let the days of his youth fashion up? Later, from the parents’ constraints, as if also follow the fashion go a circle, also once have a vacant ignorance of times, toward the face with a thick powder, with red lip, who had been in a week into three times the barbershop, put half a meter long hair into a “hair, burned and the color hair, which thought of” the world “a uproar, know and I know all of the person of the pain group to me: how can you do such hair? The hair root were not suitable for you! All of the pain, let I re-consider once, and returned to the original character, never wear cosmetics is like. Never wear cosmetics for so many years has been to so many years. Slowly old, mentality has also had the very big change. Clear soup fine doesn’t suit from already, feel sexy, charm is the age of the beauty with.
Began to deliberately some fashion of the information, and also try to dare not wear before the dress, today season changed into the short skirt and black stockings, didn’t expect convergence is good, and win the praise of the people. Look, the life need to continually try, which have what not suitable for? Perhaps really old, nothing will put the young of photograph turned out to see. Often to one person said, come and see ah, I also had so young! I like for the lost youth to find a reason, to prove what!
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The history of Armani

If you had been a high-powered banks or businessman during the 1980s, you might well have worn an Armani suit. An essential feature in the wardrobes of the power dressers of that decade, the Armani suit came to symbolize these ambitious young professionals. Its design blended casual and formal looks, as well as Eastern and Western cultural influences. In the 1980s, the Armani suit became a powerful fashion statement among those on the make and those who had it made. Its designer embodies raw talent
Giorgio Armani was born near Milan, Italy in 1934. After two years of medical school and a brief period as a photographer, he entered the fashion world as a purchaser for a department store. But he would soon display a natural creative gift. Having had no formal training, he brought out his first collection of men’s clothing in 1964 while employed by top Italian design house, Nino Cerrutti. He later established his own firm and the Armani brand fist appeared in 1975.
Until Armani arrived on the scene, fashion choices were limited to either rigid, formal suits, or the relaxed, overly casual hippie styles of the 1960s. Armani’s loose, stylish jackets were seen as a welcome change. When the brand took off among women, Armani began designing for them, too. Many of his garments featured the color that now bears his name – the combination of beige and grey that came to be known as “Armani greige.”
The attractive suits appealed to the wealthy young urban professionals – “yuppies” – of the 1980s. And when his designs – worn by Richard Gere in American Gigolo began to appear in Hollywood movies. Armani’s reputation got a further shot in the arm. A genuine artist, whose work has been the subject of special exhibition at the New York and Bilbao Guggenheim Museums. Armani is now considered one of the giants of twentieth-century style.
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