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The place near to Heaven







Do you  want go there  ??????? The place where near to  Heaven



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Jacket and Trousers: Zara, Top: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Givenchy, Sunglasses: Chloe

I just love relaxing on a Terrace with a cool iced drink when the Sun is out. Its a great relaxing way to enjoy the weather! Hope you have an enjoyable and good weekend :)

Lots of love,

B.B. x


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How to choose a suitable outdoor sports glasses

June 29, 2012 1 comment



Now more and more people prefer outdoor sports and enjoy nature’s gift, but this time the eyes are most vulnerable to sunlight and UV damage. Sunglasses have become necessities of outdoor activities. Most of us always thought wearing a pair of colored glasses standing in sunlight can protect your eyes, in fact, that’s incorrect. Lens shade of the color affects only the visible light absorption properties, and UV-resistant ability regardless of size. Anti-UV ability depends on the lens material, ideal sport glasses material must be capable of filtering more than 96% of ultraviolet rays People’s eyes if exposure to the UV radiation, light conjunctival hyperaemia, inflammation; to and give rise to lens opacities, cataracts, retinal fundus and will be harmed. How can I buy a pair of suitable sport glasses,.

There have several tips to help you when you choose the sunglasses

1 To learn product identification, it is not all sunglasses are UV-feature, a pair of sunglasses to meet the standard basic requirements, except to say that while blocking light does not through more UV light. On the shop counter selling sunglasses, its lenses, tag on, or on the outer packaging with clear signs, like its fabric composition marked on clothing, like look when consumers purchase. If a pair of sunglasses can block the light and cannot be blocked the same amount of UV light, for wearing, will accept more UV than not wearing sunglasses ( )

2 The purpose of buying sunglasses. we know that different types of sunglasses have different application of the occasion and the crowd. We want to purchase sunglasses must identify themselves to purchase the purpose of shading, or were equipped with clothing decorative? in addition to shading whether UV feature requirements? security has no special requirements for lenses? only these purposes, combined with style and put it on my face to the practical effects, to buy a suitable set of sunglasses.

3. Have to distinguish lens intrinsic quality of the basic skills

1) the color of the lens can not be partial, should make the color of the surrounding environment without distortion, sharp edges of objects, the ability to effectively identify the different color lights. The choice of lens color depth, depending on the desired place of the color of the lens will affect the shading effect of different light sources and occasions. Make the sunglasses can effectively block the summer light, the color of the glasses due to sufficient depth, but the bike or car, do not select the lens color is too dark.

2) the degree of the lens should meet the requirements of the plain glass lens, and should not affect the vision of optical flaws. Simple method for the identification of sunglasses can be placed in front of a distant target viewed through the lens, such as window frames or door frames, and then the glasses up and down to move back and forth, the goal should not swing and wave-shaped deformation.

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Lovely Family —- The Sato

My friend Martha, three days ago  gave birth to them six pounds six  ounces of baby. I think at the moment she was excited & moved . Just as all the mum on the world . Full of anticipation and concern of they child.
Martha is only three years older than me , We had known from childhood. When I was in  in high school , she came to Japan for  study.One day on an outdoor sports  activities which held by school , she met the most important person in her life——- Sato . Sato , her husband, it is the coach of a health club now, In the past he is a very famous local cross-country drivers. Such an enviable portfolio now has a baby, life is more perfect
Today, my friends and I went to visit the Sato . not as the nurse said, I think the baby looks neither like my mum or his father, the skin is very white with small eyes , eating milk quietly , but such a Scene,  let me filled with deeply touched, life is wonderful. A child from infant to adult, how much effort devoted parents. Perhaps, like who said, you will understand your parents when you become parents .
I went to the temple to seek a protective talismans and They have had custom-made a set of child health growth training plan for their daughter.Little child may know nothing , but we can understand that the feelings of parents when they did this, as long as we can be happy and healthy growth is all what parents want
Later ,I will give my parents a phone call, I want to tell them I love them. When I was rebellious, when tantrums, thank you for their tolerance, Thank you for all you have done for me.
Please join in with me together to wish the Sato ‘ good luck in the following days.


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How much you know for “Outdoor Sports”

June 27, 2012 1 comment

In recent years, with the deepening on leisure&exercise concepts cognitive , outdoor sports has gradually entered a small minority from the original “ALICE” stage of accelerated expansion of the group to the public in the general population. Especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, outdoor sports and outdoor spirit active in promotion to a broader population, the influence of the outdoor sports gradually highlight, more people joined the ranks of the outdoor sports, and experience to recognize and feel of outdoor interest in sports and enjoy the spirit, which also contributed to the booming outdoor leisure industry after the Olympics.

You may get confused of which sports can be called “Outdoor sports”? let have some details  of it .

Rock clime






                                                         On foot 



More details :

One, the water sports and sailing categories:

1.Diving: diving, underwater orientation, underwater photography. Swimming: swimming, diving, water polo, rafting.
2, sailing: Surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, sampan, sailing, yachts, motor boats, jet skiing, rafting.

Two ,Land sports and cycling:
1, on foot: walking, marching, running, runaway? Orienteering, fox-hunting.
, Cycling: road bikes long distance, mobile, cross-country mountain bike, BMX and mountain downhill

Third, the mountain sports and underground activities:
Mountaineering: hiking, climbing mountaineering, climbing snow-capped mountains.
2, downhill: skiing, slides, grass skiing, rock fall, canyoning [car down, downhill].
3, climbing: rock climbing, rock climbing equipment to climb.

Four : Caving:,natural caves and artificial caves, underwater caves.
Five: Camping, sleeping, hunting, picnics, collecting flowers, and simulation field, expanding training, desert island survival.

Six:  Fishing, pond fishing, fishing, fishing for shrimp], catch significantly less than catch mice, catch the worm, butterfly, barbecue cooking., Photography, sketches, geological survey, collecting or, investigate folk to study monuments, interviews anecdote.

Five motor vehicles and vessels, and air movement:

Bike: mountain cross-country, road racing, long distance travel.
Car: racing, off-road, adventure, travel, vacation.

The Major equipment
Hiking shoes
Sports  sunglasses  (

Outdoor leisure activities become increasingly popular, is an indisputable fact..

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How beautiful sunglasses ~~

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