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The Story Of My Father

I have three brothers, so I am the youngest and the only daughter in the family .some friends said you parents must spoil you a lot ,in fact  it is not 
My father was an instructor .He treat his children as his solider ,I don’t like him
When I was young I just like a boy ,do not love study and play with kids all the day
Me:Dad ,I wanna have a model as Lily’s
Dad : ok ,Help me to wash these dishes  ,if you done a good job I will buy it for you
At Last ,I got the model .and make mind ,I will get what I want by myself  ,Dad don’t love me as mum’s .

When I was in junior middle school ,I have  My first boyfriend
Me : Mum I will have a date with Jim today
Dad : what does he doing ,how old was him? Which classes was he in ?he took off his sunglasses  and said .
The next day ,Jim was make a break up with me and tell me My father let him fear.
What make me angry was he asked my brothers to accompany by me;
I hate him ,and think he was so Pedantic ,and began study very hard in order to get rid of him

When I was in the high school , I was the best students in all grade and chose the University which is far away from home  ,When father saw it ,he didn’t say any words ,just said do what you want to do now and remember  to come back when you want   Although I was surprised, but excitement was far greater than the strange.I thought ,I successes.

During the study ,I have seldom came home and call a lot ,every time was my mother answered the phone ,and I told her everything happened around me , and father never say any words . mum told me what I should to do and take care my self . after a long long time ,mum told me ,every time when I was calling ,dad was beside her  and listen carefully  ,he cares everything happened on me and ask mum tell  me what I should do ,maybe he knows I wouldn’t like to talk with him .  this time .I was cried .He love me  a lot ,bwat mum was expecting  ,tell what happy and unhappy, he was surprise and excited ,we dismiss the Misunderstanding ,first time I feel we can be good friends and fell he is old ,no more young .

Father ;s  day is coming ,I want sent a gift for him ,in  the  past 25 years ,I never have such  day ,but from now  ,I will celebrate it for  him  every  year .The  Oakely sunglasses protect  his eyes from harmful rays and he often work outdoor ,I wanna Oakely   protect  him   from harm and see clearly .He always said  take care yourself ,this time I want to sent the  sunglasses  and tell him ,take care yourself  too




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