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The 5 necessary accessories this summer !!!

The wardrobe filled with new clothes, but still find the little dress.what’s happened ???
In fact ,we can start from small details to change the Situation.You may wonder how to change it ? From which small details ?
That is we should prepare some necessary accessories  .
Now let me phrase the 5 necessary accessories this summer !!!

 The No 1 should be  sunglasses ;Didn’t  sleep well last night , Dark circles would company with you .make up and cover it ,?So lazy or have no time .No worries , Oakley sunglasses will help you .there have different sunglasses and have different function, not only help you to make up yourself ,but also protect you from harm rays .After wear it ,you will be  more cool and have different forms to show , Interpret a not the same as you.

 The second one is the hat ; Why ? the summer is coming ,very hot right ? the hat will protect you .although ,you hair is messy.No worries ,after you wear the hat who can find it ???  and there  have many hats ,like top hat, sun hats,it must be satisfied your requires .

 The third one is bracelet. Yes ,it is true that you should prepare more .A perfect pose  shouldn’t be lack of it .different kinds of colours,styles ,the more the better .you will need it one day .

 Then is Belt is a good  necessary .you shouldn’t lack of it .

 At last ,it is a bags. It Is a shiny of a pose ,actually ,bag show your style and  A sense of safe. That’s why many starts are bag –control .

So ,don’t buy much clothes ,just prepare some fashion accessories ,you will  find a new self .


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