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The Matrix

“In the near future, a young network hacker  discovered looked resembles the normal real world is in fact by named “the matrix” computer artificial intelligence systems control, the people look like the animal which he herds to be same. LiWeiSI then searches in the network about “the matrix” all. afterwards a mystical girl  under the guidance saw the hacker organizes the leader , three people together hasn’t stepped onto the resistance “the matrix” battle path.
“The Nepali Austria, you have had such dream, your so firmly thing was really? Whether you can wake from such dream? You can distinguish dreamland and the real world difference?”
The Nepali Austria regardless of all consequences wants to track down”the matrix” truth – he always hears in the dream to about whisper, this is a thing which one kind mystical cannot be known, he can definitely feel it unlucky is controlling him.
“What is the matrix?” The Nepali Austria did not know, but he believed the silent Philippines, in a fable character, is described the extremely dangerous person to be able to give him the answer.
“Nobody can explain white ‘ Matrix ‘ Is any, you only have personally look.”
The Nepali Austria is facing other question: He is it? Certainly, although doesn’t know, the Nepali Austria’s answer is “is not”. The silent Philippines’s friends fill not agree with his viewpoint. But  other people not that affirmed.
Moreover, but also some people protect “the matrix”, leads by callousSmith, they are grasping the shocking secret.
The Nepali Austria, the silent Philippines and especially Lai Ni must use them the life resistance formidable enemy to track down the answer, to seek oneself.
Their each step all is crisis-ridden……”

Share some photos  of the film ?  do u fell inpressed by their black Oakley sunglasses !!!

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