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Sports glasses – first-class sports stars preferred OAKLEY

 What is the movement of the world’s most burn? F1 Grand Prix is no doubt about the answer. As billions of dollars for child’s play racetrack top riders of the vast fortune, to choose what brand of sunglasses as sun protection for their pair of priceless eyes? Only one answer – OAKLEY.
What is the world’s most avant-garde and the most exciting sport? X-extreme sports. Whether downhill or fancy ski, players armed in their own eyes what brand of sunglasses so that it can not snow a strong reflex influence and guidance of the body in graceful movements complete one another beyond the limits? Only one answer – OAKLEY.
What is the most powerful army in the world? U.S. Navy Seals Special Forces. Whether to rescue the hostages or kill the terrorists, seal elites as to what brand can trust with their lives goggles? Only one answer – OAKLEY.
What is the world’s most COOL film and television work? Hollywood movies. Regardless of the Blade “Blade” trilogy, “Mission Impossible” SUPER the SPY brand to make their eyebrows and play an essential first line of COOL as their own? The answer is still the only one – OAKLEY.
Worldwide, the celebrity of the trust OAKLEY numerous: basketball Emperor Michael Jordan, Formula One champion Fernando Alonso, the film actor Tom Cruise, Tour de France Grand Prix five time winner Lance Armstrong … they appreciate OAKLEY shape, trust OAKLEY science and technology can bring them a beautiful and healthy.
The OAKLEY not only fair without the lens of PLUTONITE material, in addition to blocking can be 99.9% visually affect the UV and blue light outside, the definition also greatly exceeds the most stringent ANSI standards, and its anti-collision functionality can withstand a 12-gauge shotgun shooting. In addition to the visual protection, OAKLEY is a bold and innovative, have launched the world’s first portable MP3 function sunglasses and jointly MOTOROLA launched the world’s first with a Bluetooth headset attached sunglasses.
If you look at athletes in the Beijing Olympics, you will be surprised to find that those athletes to participate in beach volleyball, triathlon, cycling, athletics and other projects need to wear glasses, they are equipped with an oval logo glasses, this pair of glasses called OAKLEY mainland translated into Oakley.

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