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The Story of Lance Edward Armstrong

What is Tour of France? May be you don’t know ,but you must hear of  Lance Edward Armstrong ,one of the famous cyclist Athlete in the world  .it is an outstanding  professional bicyclist.For the world ,his legendary status has been far from a fashion or a genius can be described !!!As early as the 1980s, he is an active three all-round  athletes.

In 1990 he started road racing career and became an OAKLEY athletes, a year later he won the U.S. Amateur Champion

In 1993, he became the youngest world road champion and t o reveal outstanding talent in the Tour of France.

In 1996, Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer followed by cancer cells to spread to the lung, and later invasion of his brain, and his former team no longer have health insurance and no funding to provide support for his economic. Then OAKLEY not only continued under contract with Lance, but also  employed full-time employees and pay for his health insurance.Everyone thought that Lance Armstrong war nuts racing after having cancer.but Facts have proved that they are wrong ,Lance never give up, OAKLEY also never given up Lance.Lance completed the greatest recovery and  In 1999 he won his first Tour  France.More than five years he received at least five victories, his mental  state  even better than serious illness t before , to become one of the most of the respect in the world.He has been in fierce competition  with OAKLEY technology, because he knows the the OAKLEY high technology and perfect design can help him, with a tacit understanding between him and the OAKLEY.

“This is what we call fashion, fashion is cool, the young, is comfortable, it is a never-ending spirit, and always adhere to the road of development and innovation.”!!!


The Oakley think the athletes just represent it”s Fashion spiritas Lance Edward Armstrong !!








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