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UEFA European Championship

Once every four years European Cup kicked off on June 8, 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

It will lasted for nearly a month , sufficient to let the fans around the world for them to cry, crazy addicted….

Your boyfriend, brothers or dad are around in front of the TV, do not want to leave about, afraid to miss the best moment when the match was live . There may be many things in this world can not resist, such as the European Cup.

Some people seem to specifically born for soccer, such as Ronald, Maradona, Beckham, Owen Eriksson, who will be 2012’s brightest sports stars? Massey?Djokovic?Vettel?McIlroy?Who knows?

What’s your favourite team ?

Czech Republic , Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, England or Italy?

I was initially not a  football fans and  feel  it is too boring,  later with the influence of my  father and brothers, Mum  and I also joined the team. It us really very exciting. I love England very much  and hope it can get the champion ,but now  it seems that Germany called loudest.

My dear friends ,what do you think ?who would be the last winner in 2012 ???

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