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Several necessary items while mountaineering

Mountaineering is a challenge for both mankind or yourself. When your foot on the peak list of hills Will enjoy the joy of return to natural , this feeling for the people of the city plagued by the diseases of modern civilization, is undoubtedly the best health care products.

(1)  Select the glial hard-soled shoes, preferably hiking shoes. Hard base of the shoe allows the foot to remain at a plane, can effectively force the feet is not easy to feel tired, while non-slip to reduce the risk of injury of the foot. In addition, such shoes can be avoided rock abrasion and extend the life of the shoe.

(2)  hat, long trousers. Many people think that the climb will be a lot of sweat, so dress as possible. In fact, with increasing altitude, the temperature is reduced. At rest, if not promptly put on clothing insulation, not only susceptible to colds and will lead to lose body heat, burn calories. Although the temperature has decreased, but the intensity of ultraviolet radiation has not diminished, especially at noon, on the summit will be more intense UV and will increase the risk of sunburn, in addition, some “wild way” on the dendrites is also easy to program hurt the skin. Therefore, it is best to carry a long-sleeved clothes and hats.

(3)   water, chocolate and sugar. A lot of people will be prepared before climbing a lot of bread, sausage and other food. As everyone knows, this food is not only increasing the weight down, can not play the role replenish energy, carbohydrate foods are the fastest compounds absorbed by the body. Replenishment is also very important to drink plenty of water must be small mouth drink, each drink 23 the mouth, the body can effectively absorb. In order to supplement the body’s lost electrolytes due to sweating, it is best to drink a sports drink.

(4)   Alpenstocks. The alpenstock the mountains, down the mountain can save a lot of effort, especially to reduce the leg pressure to ease the waist, shoulder fatigue. Many mountain road all the steps, walking long step right knee impact, if you use alpenstock will have a good protective effect, while reducing slips, sprains chance. In addition, the use of the alpenstock can effectively exercise the upper body strength….

(5)    Sunglasses. Many people like to go out to the outdoors, enjoy the gift of nature, but this is when the eyes are the most susceptible to sunlight and UV damage.Best exercise to wear professional sports glasses

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