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How much you know for “Outdoor Sports”

In recent years, with the deepening on leisure&exercise concepts cognitive , outdoor sports has gradually entered a small minority from the original “ALICE” stage of accelerated expansion of the group to the public in the general population. Especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, outdoor sports and outdoor spirit active in promotion to a broader population, the influence of the outdoor sports gradually highlight, more people joined the ranks of the outdoor sports, and experience to recognize and feel of outdoor interest in sports and enjoy the spirit, which also contributed to the booming outdoor leisure industry after the Olympics.

You may get confused of which sports can be called “Outdoor sports”? let have some details  of it .

Rock clime






                                                         On foot 



More details :

One, the water sports and sailing categories:

1.Diving: diving, underwater orientation, underwater photography. Swimming: swimming, diving, water polo, rafting.
2, sailing: Surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, sampan, sailing, yachts, motor boats, jet skiing, rafting.

Two ,Land sports and cycling:
1, on foot: walking, marching, running, runaway? Orienteering, fox-hunting.
, Cycling: road bikes long distance, mobile, cross-country mountain bike, BMX and mountain downhill

Third, the mountain sports and underground activities:
Mountaineering: hiking, climbing mountaineering, climbing snow-capped mountains.
2, downhill: skiing, slides, grass skiing, rock fall, canyoning [car down, downhill].
3, climbing: rock climbing, rock climbing equipment to climb.

Four : Caving:,natural caves and artificial caves, underwater caves.
Five: Camping, sleeping, hunting, picnics, collecting flowers, and simulation field, expanding training, desert island survival.

Six:  Fishing, pond fishing, fishing, fishing for shrimp], catch significantly less than catch mice, catch the worm, butterfly, barbecue cooking., Photography, sketches, geological survey, collecting or, investigate folk to study monuments, interviews anecdote.

Five motor vehicles and vessels, and air movement:

Bike: mountain cross-country, road racing, long distance travel.
Car: racing, off-road, adventure, travel, vacation.

The Major equipment
Hiking shoes
Sports  sunglasses  ( http://www.interestsunglasses.com/)

Outdoor leisure activities become increasingly popular, is an indisputable fact..

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