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Lovely Family —- The Sato

My friend Martha, three days ago  gave birth to them six pounds six  ounces of baby. I think at the moment she was excited & moved . Just as all the mum on the world . Full of anticipation and concern of they child.
Martha is only three years older than me , We had known from childhood. When I was in  in high school , she came to Japan for  study.One day on an outdoor sports  activities which held by school , she met the most important person in her life——- Sato . Sato , her husband, it is the coach of a health club now, In the past he is a very famous local cross-country drivers. Such an enviable portfolio now has a baby, life is more perfect
Today, my friends and I went to visit the Sato . not as the nurse said, I think the baby looks neither like my mum or his father, the skin is very white with small eyes , eating milk quietly , but such a Scene,  let me filled with deeply touched, life is wonderful. A child from infant to adult, how much effort devoted parents. Perhaps, like who said, you will understand your parents when you become parents .
I went to the temple to seek a protective talismans and They have had custom-made a set of child health growth training plan for their daughter.Little child may know nothing , but we can understand that the feelings of parents when they did this, as long as we can be happy and healthy growth is all what parents want
Later ,I will give my parents a phone call, I want to tell them I love them. When I was rebellious, when tantrums, thank you for their tolerance, Thank you for all you have done for me.
Please join in with me together to wish the Sato ‘ good luck in the following days.


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