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Come on ,my dear friends

The world things are not always unpredictable, someone happy, some sad, some people in celebration, some people are in mourning.You never know what happens waiting  for you.As the saying goes,There are seven life of suffering, illness and death;Birth, old,Complain about  lose,can not get what you want  and the unapproached love.The only thing we can do is do it better everyday, take kind for the people around you and  yourself. Accomplish things what  you want to do,don’t leave regrets.

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For Spanish mountaineer CarlosSoria speaking, the age really is just a number

Recently, the 73-year-old of him,  left home in the outskirts of Madrid again, leaving for Nepal, began his journey of 8000 m peaks challenge, target altitude of 8091 meters, Annapurna peak, peak 10 in the world, his personal 11independent 8,000-meter peaks (in 2005 he had to summit Xixiabangma central peak, this peak is not included among the 14 8000 independent peaks). If successful, according to the plan, Syria will be fully 14 8000 meters peaks to climb in spring next year (in addition to Annapurna, CarlosSoria Dhaulagiri, Kangchenjunga independent peak has not been completed climbing, Xixiabangma just completed Central peak to climb). Last fall he had tried to challenge Road Dhaulagiri but finally the weather reason to give up climbing.
CarlosSoria Chogori, cloth fall Atkins, Makalu, Manaslu and Lhotse age of the world on the summit climber; summit 9 of the 8000 m peak in only a 60-year-oldclimber (includes Xixiabangma central peak); DomeKhang (7260 m), the world’s first summit; climbers to summit the world’s seven continents highest peak after 70 years of age: Elbrus (Europe -1968), Mount McKinley (North America -1971), A empty plus melon (South America -1986), Everest (Asia -2001), Wen Senfeng the (Antarctica -2007), Puncak Jaya (Australasia -2010) and kilima MazarLuo (Africa -2010).The height of 165 cm of the Spanish elderly people should be finished before the age of 75 board 14, but for him to create a record and no longer is the goal, he just wanted to rewrite the elderly with their own actions, “a guide to action” – can also be mountain climbing, can challenge the limits.Age and can become the reason you give up favorite things, “he said,” adhere to the exercise can solve all the problems that age may bring, I will insist on climbing, not to say that the pursuit of what records, but I enjoy it with to the fun. “In addition to the 8000 m mountain climb, Soria has a desire to return to the Alps, climbing the mountain of his attempts in the last 50’s of the world. When he and a friend riding a motorcycle with equipment from the Madrid open to Chamonix.Have a lot I did not climb technical peaks “in the near Chamonix, but now that my physical condition has been unable to complete,” he said, “I now pay more attention to endurance training, like a runners from sprint to marathon training. “Had 46 high altitude climbing experience of Soria has not any serious injuries, he said that thanks to his caution. Due to the potential danger, he had determined to give up many climbing counterparts continue to advance, and the results tend to prove that his decision was wise. Like the peak of the climb of Broad Peak, Soria in the fifth attempt was successful ascent. For the upcoming Annapurna climb, Soria own safe return, no severe frostbite, do not need others to collaborate.There are some dangers you should know … If you place more than 7000 meters above sea level, what accident is no one to help you. “”If the Annapurna climb smoothly, and their own feel-good, then I will once again climb Dhaulagiri.Over time, competitive climbers in Soria hearts of more and more light, but in the 1970s – all countries competing mountaineering race, he is also the Spanish National climbers which one.Times really have changed my first time with the Spanish climbers enter the Himalayas, we have really low self-esteem was a strong climber from the Alps. “Increase with age, his waist and knees, some problems rise, he can only move forward slowly, but his energy is abundant, very little oxygen during the climb.”On his way to the One camp, a lot of young climber  are more than I but I usually are the third batch of reach.”As a retired worker, each climbing funds Soria are a big problem. With the widespread dissemination of his climbing achievements in Spain, Spanish bank BBVA since last year, the initiative to sponsor the Annapurna ‘s to be offered financial support of € 100,000.Soria only has been hire a reliable Sherpas assist their climbing, but is about to climb the Annapurna, he will have a larger team to provide support, including two high mountain photographer.”I know I have 73 years, maybe one day I will no longer be as strong, but now, I feel good mentally and physically ready.”

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Every year my mom and step-dad have a huge party at their house called the McCoole Bash. This year was no exception. They chose the date of the party this year to coincide with the Blue Angels Air Show happening at Pease in Portsmouth. Everyone was around for the party and it was a ton of fun.
All the “kids” went down to the dock to chill on the boat for the air show. There were a ton of people watching the show from the street in front of my mom’s house.

The air show was fabulous. It was even better that we could watch it from my mom’s. We couldn’t see any of the low on the ground things but they flew pretty much right over the house a few times and it was awesome. Dan used our telescopic lens and got some great pictures.

My brother Ryan…

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Escort the flame coming out the opening ceremony London Interpret the Olympic dream for David Beckham

Last night, It was the ceremony of  Olympic Games. At the opening ceremony,they best show of British culture. and  also appeared in the British people idol, David Beckham, which may also be the Olympic Games a bright spot
On May 18, in the United Kingdom kangwoerde kaerdeluosi the Royal Navy air station, United Kingdom football superstar David Beckham torch ignited the torch lit the place on the runway of a torch.
Summer of seven years ago, he helped United Kingdom delegation is not optimistic about defeating in the case of France, won the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games. The evening of 27th, he became “nurse Angel fire” led torch came to “bowl of London” has been witness to the Olympic flame in his hometown immediately ignited.
He is David Beckham.
On August 17, 1996, the world met him on that day. Wimbledon Stadium surprised the world a foot crane shoot, let people remember the drape of this shirt the blond boy.
16 years, Beckham became “old Bay”, but the invariant is the charming smile and graceful manner. Career nearly twilight, charged with numerous glorious Beckham has repeatedly said, hope WINS United Kingdom war Olympics Olympic team to achieve their aspirations.
He even dreams of himself in his capacity as captain, leading the landmark team win honors for the motherland. But coach Pierce decided to make things vanish into thin air. Insiders said that Beckham was informed that after the defeat, left in tears.
In public, he did too much to this evaluation. But on the pitch, he scored back at coach does not trust. Enter after July, he made in the major league 4 goals, 4 assists.
But London is giving the finest Eastern children a chance. David Beckham has said, is honored to participate in the opening ceremony, and was lucky. While claiming to be “not just Olympic people”, but the Olympics apparently has been a part of his life.
David Beckham on the opening a smart suit, white shirt and black tie more exuberant is a gentleman. Yacht Cleave through to “bowl of London”, he was standing in the bow of escort for transport of flame women ‘s, iconic smile as in the past. Speedboat landing, he helped leidekeleifu to light the torch in his hand, looking solemn.
Nine years ago, he resisted pressure from Club boss, as the United Kingdom Olympic bid ambassadors. Four years ago, speaking at the “bird’s nest” Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, becoming “eight minutes in London” actor. From May to escort the Olympic torch returned to escort the flame at the opening ceremony came to “bowl of London”, belonging to Beckham completed his Olympic cycle. Although never failed to show full moon scimitar style at the Olympics, but his name still is firmly inscribed in the Olympic history books.


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How to preserve youth, keep good looks

The love for attractiveness is native to humans, beauty is very important for every woman, female willing to spent money to buy all types of effective skin care products, is to preserve youth, keep good looks. We do not know when we has wrinkles under the eyes, eyes already had traces of time, It has been as clear as well yesterday.

What are woman the most afraid of? Woman afraid of wrinkles on their face, they eyes no longer clear! When these occurred, what would you do? Age is not the main cause, there are a lot of other reasons, such as not doing daily protection measures which  will make our eyes getting old. If you take daily care, Sun protection measures, put on sunglasses to correct some wrong life habits, maintenance also spared, perhaps one day a night’s sleep, you’ll find it’s not so cruel. Start right now!!!          (


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