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Fun with soul and passion of the world’s top 10 Surfers Paradise

Jamaica Negril Beach
Negril Beach, Jamaica became one of the top ten famous beaches because of its weather is extremely perfect with year-round . Surprisingly, Jamaica will not be affected in October hurricane season. Beach has a  very charming white beaches , 17 miles, along the coastline to open the restaurant and a quiet atmosphere, which will encourage you to look forward to your Jamaican friends will accept you. Jamaica’s summer may be more attractive because of the crowded tourist beach, the hotel occupancy rate than the winter low of 30%.

Australia’s Gold Coast surfing paradise
Large numbers of tourists flock to the Gold Coast to surf, swim, surf, party, and then surff again. Next to the beach, shoppers can visit the many theme parks, such as the attractions of Movie World or Sea World. If you still have energy, then visit the various clubs and beer, and even a casino. Most people travel here are between December and the second year in February. At this time, you will encounter some of the hottest weather, so do not forget to bring Shade appliances like hat , sunglasses

Kan Keen Beach in Mexico
Beach, beaches and more beaches. For anyone, Kanke En Beach everything: luxurious accommodation and continued gathering (especially between February and March, because this time the most fanatical moving college students will come here). The gods of the Aztecs (Mexican Indians) each year will bring at least 250 sunny weather, which allows visitors a good sleep at nap time. If you want to save money later this summer is a good opportunity; but in September and October, you’d better look elsewhere, unless you prefer the storm here.

Bo Long shore beach in Philippines
Though unlike the other beaches as well known, the the Bolong shore beaches have been by virtue of its “White Beach” has won many awards. The water here is very shallow, and where the sand brighter and finer than most beaches of the islands. Here has over 350 beach resorts and 2,000 guest rooms, you will find that you’re looking for goal. Boracay also offers a variety of restaurants, beer bars, small hotels, and operation of the nightclub to the next morning.

Hawaii Beach
As one of the world’s most famous beaches, Hawaii Beach in Honolulu on the island. Hawaii on the beach, you can feel comfortable island charm with world-wide characteristics of tourists from all over the world have a lot of celebrities came together here. The best time to visit Hawaii beaches is from mid-December to the end of March, but between April to mid-December, you can enjoy the best price. The summer temperature is maintained at about 30 ℃.

Fiji main island beach
Surprisingly, Fiji’s weather is very hot, but never reached the point of hot. Fiji’s main island on the beach, is one of Fiji’s most beautiful white sand beach. The main island beach has stunning natural scenery, and arranged a series of activities from diving to horse riding. If you like mild, dry weather, then select from May to October, while those tourists who like the warm and humid weather, you should visit the main island beach during December to April for another year

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Beach
Rio de Janeiro beach, often referred to as the world’s most famous beaches. 4.5 km across in front of the residential area in Rio de Janeiro. The scenery is breathtaking: the granite rocks surround the gateway to the bay. This layout of the city – the beach, “give visitors more opportunities for the procurement: There are shopping centers, cinemas, fashion and jewelery shops, and the horde of restaurants and nightclubs. The summer season is from December to February, temperatures between 25 ℃ and 35 ℃. On the beach, you also have a participate in the review of the feeling, because you can see a lot of boating and tennis beautiful body and beautiful face

Thailand’s Phuket BeachThe first suggestion is to book in advance you want to live in a hotel. Phuket has two islands, there are several great restaurants, beer bars and cafes in the larger island. From November to January, there are very busy since that time the sky is blue, the sea is calm, the air is the driest. Overall, during the rainy season the weather is sunny, but this time the humidity makes you sweat

South Beach in Florida
To participate in a gathering here is very difficult, which makes you unforgettable South Beach. The beach itself is great. From November to April, South Beach is more like a venue for social activities, rather than just sunbathing and surfing exercise, because this time the entire continental United States elsewhere in cold.

Canary Islands beach
Islands belong to Spain. Due to near the equator line, the Canary Islands weather is same all year round . Artificial reefs surround the beach. The weather is almost perfect, the temperature from 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, the water temperature from 19 ℃ to 22 ℃. It is incredible that the annual number of rainy days in the island of less than 30 days. If you do not like too many tourists, it is necessary to avoid the holiday to go there, between May and November, have little visitors.




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