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Happy Birthday Chen

Next week is my boyfriend Chen’s birthday ,This is our fourth year when we began our relationships. We love at first sight at the second year of the university .It sounds Magic but it is a truth .

Every time when I think about what had happened that day, I feel that God has been by my side and I was so lucky, get the destiny love The day I went to visit a friend, sat on the bus, it is very far from school to my friend’s home, unconsciously asleep on the bus and seems past a long time ,when I wake up I found that I was Lean my head on something , very confused and While after turned around my head ,I found a young man,smiled at me and handy a napkins for me which it made me confused ,oh ,my gold ,I was drooped ,so embarrassing.Just then my destination arrived ,I was said thank you and get off rushly.When I knocked on the door .someone opened the door ,it’s him!! we both surprised .He was my friend’s  classmates .you know the rest story .

We grew to love each other and Increasingly found that he was a very charismatic man, Gentle, kind and helped me a lot. Whether it was my birthday or Valentine, I always got surprises from him, but careless as me, always forgot it .I was guilt a lot .This time I wanna give him a surprise.But it is very difficult for me to decide which items should I bought  for him .Switzerland army knife??With his favorite football star jerseys??? He is a man who loves travel or some other outdoor sports ,should I buy a sunglasses for him ?? (http://www.interestsunglasses.com/ )To protect his eyes from harmful rays ???? Oh ,confused me a lot ,what should I do ,Do you have any good tips for me ???I need your help .







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