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Summer Camp

My younger brother is a student of middle school . Yesterday  he was calling me and  saying that the school summer holidays is coming , School organized them to take part in the summer camp together with United Kingdom student . asking what equipments should take..

It made me suddenly thinking of school life,. school organizes many events each year. Hot summer is annoying, but it is one of  the  favourite  seasons  for the  students, I think camp is one of the reasons they like summer.

Summer  camp activities can not only enhance students ‘ self-independent consciousness and team spirit, but also greatly expanded the knowledge, broaden their vision, it is a good thing, Now protection tools was also significantly better than before, fully capable of protecting themselves. Universal travel bag on the belt, which has water, tents, food, some of the commonly used drug, with a protective UV sunglasses , a good pair of shoes, Bracers kneepad, ready to go.

Do you still remember  that school’s activities? Do you contact  your classmates or teachers  often? Do you also save the old photos while  you are in school ? What a wonderful time Ah!!!

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