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The Hot Summer Activies

The hot summer, play out when you are free is a good choice.
It is a problem of go where . In this season many people will to choose ocean or canyon. Not only cool and comfortable but could play so many entertainment facilities , such as surfing, rafting, swimming .Now we will introduce some water entertainments

Each surf player hopes to go to Hawaii
If people are interested in, you can go to the beach of Hawaii. and have a look .Every weekend there are no exception, the beach are always full of some fat women, dressed in all kinds of Bikini, in view to check the water temperature, smile, wave, when water rolls when the happy laughter. The newly established women’s surfing alliance became these to fitness, slimming women’s organizer. The surf League even organized the women in southern California surf training, let them as soon as possible to master surf healthy weight-loss techniques.

Drifting originated from the Eskimo kayak and Chinese bamboo raft, but at that time it is to satisfy the people’s life and survival needs. Drifting into a true outdoor sports, is after World War II began to develop, some like outdoor activities of people try to retired inflatable boats as the drifting tool, gradually evolved into today’s water rafting.

When going out, pay more attention to protect ourselves, Ultraviolet injury is heavily .a sun hat, sunglasses are necessary ., in addition to a beach spot around the crowd .is important .






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