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Looking for a pair of suitable glasses———–part one how to select a pair of frames

Under the strong rays of the Sun in the summer, first people’s eyes will naturally shrink. Human eyes can’t help but narrowed up. Long will produce fatigue phenomena such as headaches, often direct human eye in the ultraviolet, will result in an increased density of lens causing lens cloudy, cataracts, sunglass plays an important role at this time. But now the market full of a wide range of glasses, how to choose a pair of suitable glasses is very important, good glasses can help us not only to block ultraviolet damage to us from the outside, protect our eyes, and unique design trends, but also to meet our dresses, fashion tide people’s requirements. Today, first of all, we are talking about how to choose a pair of suitable framework. These are derived from the information I based on years of observation and investigation, here would be happy to share my views.

NO.1 First consider your complexion. Fair complexion, you can select tints transparent; deeper colour, preferably selected deep colors such as black, dark gray.

 NO.2 According to face shape to choose: glasses match the face you want

1 round face of people  ,frame is slightly rough, lens colors, rather cold, dark glasses, there is “tightening” face of Visual effects. Brilliant yellow, red, soft lenses or frame lines slim sunglasses, will face against the larger.

2. small faces of people fit fine frames or rimless glasses, select simple and elegant lens colors such as light brown,

3. Longer face shape of peolpe  should choose the face longer than width of a circle or arc-shaped mirror, large mirror sense of slender legs to weaken a long face. Slender face are skinny, select lenses of pink or red wine, can increase the brightness of the face.

4 square faces to choose from top to bottom representing narrow, a small rounded corners of the frame of the sunglasses, frame is too large and too will only make the face look more, lens color stable Brown is preferred.

5 triangle face fit select lenses color lighter and finer metal framed or frameless glasses, to weaken the weight above the face, in order to avoid the already wide face more sense of expansion.

6 faces should use slightly smaller jaw width on frame slightly thicker, darker, horizontal width wide glasses to adjust the ratio of upper and lower, give people an impression of harmony visually.


NO.3 Nasal and wearing sunglasses is also relevant: big nose-it is best to wear a large frame to balance small nose naturally need small picture frame, picture frame to get tints, sorghum nasal feel longer. Special long nose can choose double Liang Jing, this nose will seem shorter.

Standing tall people should be wearing wide, angular glasses of salient points; and relatively small, should a smaller glasses. Face shape is suitable for large lenses, frame width sunglasses, looked chic and elegant; small face advised to select lightweight and thin edge angle-sunglasses, looked smart aura.

NO.4 In addition, when the eye makeup, not painted and lenses on the eye shadow color contrasts. More important is that the color you want to choose your own colour cosmetics series, and then went to choose sunglasses to match.

Tomorrow  we  will  talk  about  how to choose the  lenses


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