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Part Two — How to choose lens of sunglass

Yesterday we discussed how to choose the eyeglass frame, today we have a look how to choose lens.We know that the lenses are always different in color, is it right? Are all colors are suitable for us?Following our detailed understanding, may help you.

Gray Lens: provide the best color perception, after wearing can still clearly distinguish colors, belonging to the experts recommend type; for any chromatography evenly absorbed, so the view of color difference does not appear, but will darken, show the true natural feeling, belong to a neutral color.
Yellow lens: to enhance contrast in the fog, but the proposals in the car do not wear (may cause the traffic lights to feel confusion);
Tinted lenses: can get a smooth and shiny surface reflected light.Wear the eyeglasses can still see object details, driver’s ideal choice; Tan: can filter out a large number of blue light, can improve the visual contrast and sharpness, the serious air pollution (such as sandstorm) or foggy conditions with good effect.
Blue: blue lens can effectively filter the water and sky reflection light blue; blue and gray and gray: as part of a neutral color, color is deeper, the visible light absorption rate higher.

Light yellow or orange with Brown Lens: the same effect, but is more appropriate in the sunshine is not intense outdoor wear;
Green: reducing visible eye level, and does not influence the visual clarity; and gray as a neutral color, because it can increase the green light to the eye, so a cool and comfortable, suitable for eye fatigue people use.
Dark green lens: to absorb heat, bring cool feeling, but the light transmittable and a lower resolution, for the sun wear, while driving should not wear;
Pink lens: suitable for indoor environment, such as a fluorescent lamp under the work when using, if added with anti reflection film better.Light blue, pale pink and pale: Ornamental rather than practicality
Mercury lenses: the lens surface using high-density coating.Can be more absorption and reflection of visible light, suitable for outdoor sports professionals.Of course, can also be used to make decorative.

Which colourful Sunglasses are suit you ???? (http://www.interestsunglasses.com/)
1), the green is the regulation of the role of vision, the student is more appropriate;
2), light grey to alleviate eye fatigue, eye more white-collar workers can be considered;
3), yellow is the most sensitive color photoreceptor cells, can improve visual sensitivity, amblyopia, poor eyesight may be preferred; yellow: strictly speaking, this kind of lens do not belong to the sunglasses, because of its almost no reduction in visible light, it can enhance the contrast, provide more accurate video, the so-called “night vision goggles”
4), a red and green color blindness or weak, may choose to use a red lens, it can increase the red green contrast;
5), blue or purple on retinal light injury, will narrow view, with fundus hemorrhage or macular degeneration patients not selected.

Good tips : On the color of the lenses, the recent international experts on different colors of light transmittable and eye on the actual protection role, made more precise experimental research, the findings here also introduce, remind me of my friend’s attention:
Summer to buy Sunglasses when don’t choose blue lens, because of the damage to the eye health.This is because, on one hand, blue light of short wavelength, the eye in the blue light field is the smallest, does not see things clearly; on the other hand, blue is the most close to the ultraviolet color, with ultraviolet rays, the optic nerve injury caused by adverse, easy on the eyes.In clinic, many diseases of the optic nerve were confirmed that the blue light on.

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    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn’t know there was so much into picking a pair of sunglasses! Thanks for all the info. :)

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