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The Top Ten Brands Of Sunglasses

Clothes have a lot of brands. Each brand of design styles and apply the crowd is different, just like a pair of glasses. Although there are many brands, but the design is different, for the crowd is different. . The following is the information I gathered, might be able to help you get to know some information about brands of sunglasses

NO.1 PRADA Prada

PRADA has exclusive patented elbow. Elbow bent to maximize comfort. Design is the reverse, light and bright flat steel materials, lenses and asymmetric u create light box surface features. Natural color, as well as other unified created the newest Prada boutique. Miuccia Prada is the granddaughter of Mario Prada all exude today. Prada group control Prada, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Church&co and other brands.

NO.2 OAKLEY Oakley   http://www.interestsunglasses.com/

In 1975, Jim jannard, Jim (Jim Jannard) ushered in era of OAKLEY. OAKLEY  glasses products upside down, is comfortable, practical and artistic glasses integration. Both the product design and the selection of materials, are to undergo a series of advanced scientific experiments and testing to ensure its comfort and high quality, and highly integrated functionality and fashion


Hungary fashion brand Judith Leiber (zhudisileibo) with the novel and unique handbag designs hearts, branded designer Judith Leiber (zhudisileibo) has been launched as early as 1946 sunglasses series, produced by design concept originated from handbags, gemstone, Crystal, agate and Pearl pieced together different patterns of Fritillaria, rendered in gorgeous style front.


United States is currently leading a popular well known brands in the world, and by Hollywood international superstar Bruce. Willie, Demi Moore Demi Moore and his wife right when the clothing spokesperson, its charm can be said to be unparalleled. Pursue fashionable, pay attention to personal taste, is a mature and stable performance of the modern sense of the best choice. Country of origin: United States-producing countries: France and the Japan series goods: glasses, clothes, leather goods, neckties, hats and accessories and many other products.


Founder Yves Saint Laurent yifu·Sheng·luolang was born in 1936 in Algeria. Saint Laurent (YSL) glasses learnt Sheng·luolang design inspiration, art, cultural diversity factors into the design of glasses, from propagation to Jane’s design, line gentle, appropriate models of modern time, gorgeous color, bring out the stable, mature content, is first choice for successful people.

NO.6 DKNY tangna·Kalan

Tangna·Kalan (donnakaran) is the founder of a woman looks calm. Its exquisite glasses are trendy, classic transcend time and space, of cold metal, fancy plastic, ergonomic sports body in black. Sleek line is the core idea of DKNY sunglasses series, plastic changes color, and hybrid materials DKNY’s preference.


Sunglasses Louis Vuitton have launched occasional functionality, mirrors are not only extremely high UV SPF equipment, fog, high nasal lining den, picture frame very light, even if dropped in the water will float on the surface, about 10,000 in his early thirties, Ms suitable boys have a high degree of extravagance. Louis Vuitton glasses are expensive, not just well-known Quattro, or hand-polishing process, there appears to be no Monogram Totem, is the main cause of billon dollar buying.

NO.8 CHANEL Chanel

Founder: Gabriellechanel register Chanel: Paris, France (1913) Designer: Gabriellechanel (gabrelle Chanel) every Chanel sunglasses are high hardness, wear-resistant rot no distortion of technology of plastic materials, sheet bright color durable, rich colors, lens UV400 UV protection resin piece, complete filters the Sun’s ultraviolet light, all kinds of care of each consumer’s eyes.


CD eyeglasses has many styles and colors, and changing exaggerated shape mapped out glasses of the world of fun and colorful. CD optical embodies the avant-garde trends and personalities, sunglasses CA plates of plastic material. CD optical frame design simple, CD exclusive taste of the wild. An appreciation and reverie.


Cartier sunglasses technology of plastic materials, enhanced appearance of layering and dimensional, wearing women’s noble and unique personality. Cartier metal frame with high nickel alloy, better characterized by flexibility, hardness, welding points stronger, durable and of good performance, border fine fit the trend.


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