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Summer is coming ,I’m hot

July summer, the Sun parched the Earth to the highest temperature , hot day made buff, baking hot, smoke, as if caught on fire, will soon melt like chocolate. Very few people on the roads, only the car shuttle running to and fro. Bright blue bright blue sky without a cloud, like a cloud of non-non-gray gas fog of clouds, fog, floating in the air low, to give the impression that holding your breath under the weather. Flowers and trees outside were no energy to heat, with his head drooping.

To noon, is increasing hot,people hid at home does not come out and drove the electric fan, blowing air conditioning. Dogs are hiding under the shade of a tree in summer, has resorted to its own “exclusive silver bullets”–the heat sink with his tongue, they look like asthma patients, constantly panting heavy gas. Risk of hot air, hot tap water in the House, birds do not know hiding places to go; plants are discouraged, such as feeble breathing caused by mere cicada, issued by the branch breaking shouts; just like Gong drum Shredder for the Sun breaking shout encouragement!

Hot after a few days, when the people can’t stand the heat, the god changes his face dark down suddenly , following several days of heavy rain. It rained heavily, “clatter, and clatter,” by fits and starts, one large, one small, young-looking in through the window, like to pull on the string of pearls into the window curtains, large like a waterfalls. Flowers and trees outside were scouring after heavy rain, new look, hold our heads high, get fresh air, temperatures dropped a number of degrees, seems to have plunged into the autumn.

Summer, I think I was both loved and hated. Love it since I think it’s because I can eat ice cream, we can wear a bikini and my favorite sports sunglasses ,a nice  scenery I the city ;I  didn’t love it because  it is always very hot, the sweating never stopped. How about you, Do you like simmer !!!

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  1. Deb
    July 23, 2012 at 3:03 am

    hurrah.. I m happy

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