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How to protect your eyes while you ride a bicycle

Eyes as one’s window of soul , It is a channel of us to contact and accept this world ,brings us a source of information. “Your eyes could talk” this is true, through the eyes we get to know what a kind of person he is ..Some of my friends are usually likes traveling by bike, eyes inevitably exposed outdoor for a long time and all kinds of unexpected injury. In the middle of traveling we should take care of our own eyes, as much as possible to protect it

First step of eye protection is to prevent sand. In the middle of ride, most of the speed of vehicles can reach dozens of kilometres per hour, we exposed the naked eye this time, wind blowing wind is no doubt much harm to your eyes. Plus if Sandy’s case, the eye can easily into the sand, along with the fury of the wind, if you do not protect protection naturally caused by the Chlamydia trichromats, red eyes will often congested. In order to avoid this situation, if you ride a motorcycle, you can wear a wind-lens helmets in front to block the wind. If you are riding a bicycle, you can wear that fit face windproof glasses effect will be good. (http://www.interestsunglasses.com/)

 The second step is to block ultraviolet sunlight and glare. When during the day in the open air, the glare of the sun often as people can’t open their eyes , This feeling must not speak more can feel. Just like in the dark of night art strong lighting to,it would make you temporary blindness. So for a long time, will make the eyes suffering from cataracts. Avoid strong light is the most effective method of eye injury last sunglasses, do not look directly at the light.

Third step of eye protection is to reduce and avoid visual fatigue. Often we managed to block the strong rays of the Sun with Sun glasses on, but generally sunglasses block glare while also reducing ambient light, will let people with no clear distinguishing markers around, increases the burden of eyes, let your eyes transition stress cause visual fatigue. Some Polarized Sunglasses  can make up for this lack of effect, blocking sunshine while enhancing the resolution of the surrounding buildings, reducing eyes Visual burden.

Eye protection is a very important thing, we need starting from details in the biking, in preparation for the equipment remember wearing a sunglasses that suits you.

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