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The Olympic spirit is not only higher, faster, stronger…

Olympic Games  has begun, athletes in the game striver. I am proud for all athletes, cheer for them In my heart they are the best, regardless of the champion or failure to get it, unknown Defeated athletes sweat paid is not less than to win the championship Results of the moment can not represent what Game only temporary, the spirit often Like Oakley   (http://www.interestsunglasses.com/) is cool, the young, is comfortable, it is a never-ending spirit  Sports, bloody war in a peaceful era. But clearly, the “competitive” in the backdrop of the Olympic Games just a symptom, not the whole of the Olympic spirit: because the Olympic Games in the name of the movement, the participants around the world provides a peaceful display of self stage. the course of the game not only reflects a country’s level of sports, but it is a concrete manifestation of a nation, a nation’s comprehensive strength and the quality of the nation.
The Olympics is an event belongs to all mankind, in the final analysis, it is self-release stage of human thought and human glory, the sport is the manifestation of the former, the ranking is the ultimate appendage. Therefore, we will send the last one to the finish line in the Olympic Games marathon runner Ahmad Wali the most enthusiastic applause, and remember my country from 7000 miles away sent here, not so I started game, but to complete the game, “the famous. This is the Olympic spirit is the most direct manifestation.
We talk about is still stuck in the number of gold medals, star charm and a variety of sex scandal lace, but rarely to really think about the essence of the Olympic Games – in people’s eyes, the Olympic spirit by simply ranking the fight? The gold medal, whether it is the sole criterion to measure the ability of the State Sports


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