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The Duel master

The hottest topic is about the Olympics recent days  My favorite sport is badminton. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei’s game last night, it was too shocked touching the heart. The two are the world’s master, no matter who wins affects the hearts of fans. Two skills neck and neck in each other’s career, are the other strong competitors. Final lindane successfully defending. Lee Chong Wei is also very powerful, I think the last ball after the failure, compared to the excitement of lindane , he is close his eyes and sit in the stadium, the mood will be very remorse and regret. , perhaps he was the only audience sound . Two embracing competition is precious friendship even more. They are the best in fa’s heart
The end of a period to go four about a decisive battle to the top of the world dialogue, a has reversed, commuted, good luck to touch the net, and then reversing the exciting drama of the various tests, an absolute sense of the classic Bureau.
Saihoulindan said in an interview: “British reporter just asked me how it feels at this moment this gold medal mean to me? In fact, both the gold and silver bronze, is a positive for me. Two days before the badminton the situation so that the sport has suffered something, so I hope that this fierce competition, a lot of people to change the view of the Chinese athletes, badminton players, I hope the sport can be better, more long-term to develop this is more important. ”
An enduring movement, can not no superstar, but not to the lack of a superstar opponent. King days after any movement strength very close to him (or her) opponent appears. – Michael Jordan, Diego – Diego Maradona – Michael Phelps (microblogging), Roger – Roger Federer, Usain – Bolt, Evgeny – Plushenko, Gretzky, Coma odd, a big star they are in their field, but they can be defeated. Like Lee Chong Wei said: competitive sports, not victory, is negative.( From  http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)

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