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The girls must be careful ah, 7.29 occurred and true. ,

My heart are still shocked , frightened, the typing hands are shaking. However, vigilance, I want to

tell you this thing. As I said in the Yulin Life Plaza, ready to taxi to leave, when suddenly two or

three boys came to me and said they salon held the annual hair art design contest, let me play sub. I

said, not something. Them on a variety of still push me to a place, do not push, I do not know how to

describe that action, because it is sending me to a place. I said, do not! Hao Fan! Stopped a taxi and

then raising his hand, suddenly there is a man give me your hand to hold down the kind of very hard! I

was shocked and shouted. Then the man said, I do not want to break up! I beg you! I knelt down to ask

Hello bad! I was ignorant, stupid in there. The next two men also chimed in, the way, I step aside to

take. I really do not know how to describe it I was feeling cold sweat to take one, then shout slogans

barking, the weather hot and run into dinner time on the street, not many people, but there are some,

but are basically did not make understand the situation, thought it was a lovers quarrel, take a look at

the left. Couple your sister! ! I to want to call, a man rob mobile phones, and also my bags pulled. I

was the first time appreciate the feeling of despair, tears off a lot. Has been busy seeking to deny

that the next person to help. There are a couple to see my reaction may indeed be so excited, and wisdom

for something and came to ask me, I incoherently explained that several men is a liar, should I bring up

and go. Then the couple to help me put a few men to catch up and go, and also handed a tissue to wipe my

tears Do not cry to comfort me like I was really in a trance, only know to say thank you. Later, the

woman gave me sister, you go now? We do not rest assured that you are a person walking. Such as Hannah

was a few men to to your supposed to! Our car stopped on the side, we send you go to it? I said, I

really trance, I think the two men good, think also really afraid of those three men just to them to

come to the car next to. Then I suddenly lift his head to see the man to the woman laugh, I do not know

how to describe that smile, anyway, you see there will be flow of cold sweat feeling, but may also be

more sensitive I was. Then I said, do not bother you, huh, I still go better. Then the man came to push

me, and said, Ah sister, anyway came, the way it. Ifeel that things were not right, go out into the trot

a few steps to leave the two of them in the direction, and then the woman anxious, saying, you run the

wisdom to run! Agreed to let us send it! I heard this statement really sweat out one, began to run. I

have really good luck did not run a few steps encountered a taxi, I got in the car shouted to the driver

immediately opened. I was that state, may the driver realized that things were not right, they rushed

away. Then I heard that two people behind the curse. Speaking of here I just terror adventure finished,

my heartbeat, or will soon, I either just the last click luck, I do not know what the situation. I want

to tell you this thing, I hope everyone, especially girls, really want to be vigilant, protect

themselves, really! Now a little quiet think about it, I do not know the couple that men are not a group

too, but I feel they should be a chain, let me be scared, (http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)

and then let me help my man and the woman to let down our guard, and

then try to enlist me go. Now that I think is really terrible! ! Like I used to loner girls really do

not know how to do. I am not a person walking on the road. This daytime Ah! During the day are so

rampant! I am really afraid very afraid. I hope everyone after me long acting. In such traffickers must

be trouble! Put all the effort you spend should be trouble! Usually lady again this time do not care of

your image must be trouble! It must attract the attention of more people! A bucket does not win them! I

was lucky to run off of. But sometimes who can guarantee that your luck? Therefore, it must attract to

believe that your people to help you! But to help you thank should still want to keep the unsuspecting,

not random access thing, do not go along with others. In fact, I do not know that this society is how

the others to help you, but also suspected of being to the last.
However, in order to protect themselves, vigilant heart. . I may be the ability to organize language is

a bit confusing, temporarily much for it. .

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