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The Team Jerseys by the Olympic Athletes

The Olympic Games has become the hottest topic, everybody is watching them.They are very powerful, I’m proud of them.By their team spirit, the spirit of sports and was shocked On the athletic field,you will find that except the athelets’s ,match  attacted you ,their uniforms also attract you .,right ? The team jerseys from all countries are different,the colour ,the design each of them represent their Special spirits .
For me ,I am very interested in their team Uniforms
Uniforms for different people have different meanings: in the player’s eyes, Jersey is the course position markers, is the embodiment of team status; in the club boss, Jersey sales is the origin of profit; in the eyes of their idol fans, Jersey is synonymous with an idol, the Jersey is their wish science and technology workers; in the eyes, Jersey texture need innovation, style variety need……
Because of the Maradona and Bailey such a super star, we know “10 star” this noun, the number 10 Jersey has become a synonym, mentioned 10 we associate with Maradona and Bailey, we associate the king; similarly, referred to the number 7, we think of guy Beckham……
Jersey for one player, often is the sports field location and status as a symbol of the team, also because of this, the competition is not only the NFL Jersey itself for, is in the team in position for the glory, is a kind of embodiment……(http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)

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