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Liu Xiang, the 110-meter hurdles fall, millions of people heartbreak

In August 7, 2012 London Olympic Games 110 meters hurdles preliminaries, Liu Xiang in the sixth group fourth runway.But unfortunately the starting, Liu Xiang in transnationalThe first column after it fell to the ground.Subsequently, Liu Xiang’s right foot not fall to the ground, with a left foot went to the end.Two foreign players come up to him, the Organizing Committee Officials to push a wheelchair, Liu Xiang appeared to the injury is not optimistic.Liu Xiang, Flying wing, west of england.Dragging leg, Liu Xiang adhere to hop over 110 meters, with an unusual way to complete his last match, and in the rack bar Left a deep kiss. despite losing the game, but not lose dignity!Perhaps, he thus curtain call goodbye Fengyun game.Seeing this scene, hurling its acting performer has, but is more excited,Even a tearful face.Although the conspiracy theory of cause a temporary clamour, I still want to say: Liu Xiang, you are the man!
In after Liu Xiang draws back the match, Hongkong newspapers reported that Liu Xiang is a commercial clown.Although say too.But, Liu Xiangzhen even a bar will not cross over?Are you thereTraining in his performance must match, otherwise will not be on the runway.He appears to be a veteran in battle such error is abnormal, it is not his original intention, so He is very sad!
I remember Lu Xun said, in our culture, there has been little hero.The past history of recurrent in strengthening our this impression.But competitive sports is to change the natural view Reading is one of the ways.Liu Xiang succeeded, insist, failed.With such a life is good enough.Considering he has less than thirty years of age, I have blessed him Can open another kind of happiness life.Olympic champion and former world record has become history, the defeat is wealth!
For the Liu Xiang players, such as Sun Yang, regardless of whether others note under much, he should remember that, exercise is not the most important other, but his own Enjoy.After all, it is just a game.The key is, this game is yourself, not others.When Liu Xiang fell down, CCTV announcer cry.Why is he crying?As the end of a hero?As the hot lying?But to Liu Xiang fell and the accompanying monstrous din and Wan Minhao Sigh, I just feel sad, but sad is a desolate, there is no water, not from the eyes of transpiration tears.CCTV commentator tears, never neglect Cold desert water.Front of Chinese “bar” is also many, maybe we will stumble……
Since 2000, Liu Xiang participated in the 48 international hurdle race, won the championship 36 times, 6 times, 3 times runner-up place, out of two.But some people just Heard of Beijing, London two .Liu Xiang smile impresses me, he seemed ready to deal with all kinds of results are ready.Hard enough, sometimes the process is more important than the result.  (  http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/
The 8.7 night, the night of Liu Xiang! It makes hundreds of millions of people exclaim, questioning, debate, reflection, a roaring waves spread over the country rallied together to public events, more controversy!
The greater the truth, the ming.No matter what hides behind, are no longer important.It allows us to find the return of human nature, the intersection of ethics.Liu Xiang freed, the people of the whole country and Solutions Off! Liu Xiang’s Cross in the past, we cross over? You tonight, cross, and a new dawn! Eight years ago, you bring us glory and moved.In eight years Later, you are still my hero.Never mind, a time will past, and every small in our.Never mind, we accompany you to old, history Will record your name.That’s very kind of you, Liu Xiang.

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