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Why typhoon attacked China frequently

The latest news from china weather report, Davey” “Sura” left foreleg, “anemone” also hit in a threatening manner.In less than 10 days, the Northwest Pacific typhoon wildly beating gongs and drums have 3 to come one after another, positive hit the eastern coast of china.China Meteorological Bureau experts 8 days to accept reporter the interview pointed out, this year China’s typhoon landing than the same period of perennial, strength is stronger.
China Meteorological Bureau typhoon and marine meteorological forecast center senior engineer Gao Shuanzhu says, 10 days of 3 typhoon landing situation is not much really, but seven or eight months is the northwestern Pacific typhoon generated
during the peak period, so it is not strange Gao Shuanzhu said that in this period, the “simple”, is associated with greater environmental background.This season in the Northwest Pacific Ocean typhoon formation can provide a large area of the warm sea surface temperature, sea water evaporates, the vapor to form accumulating, typhoon embryos can easily bred and grow.In addition, from the large scale background, high and low level shear small, subtropical or monsoon north latitude, the intertropical convergence zone latitude north, facilitates the generation of typhoon.
National Climate Center climate impact assessment room chief expert, senior engineer Ye Dianxiu says,since this year, as of early August, the Pacific Northwest, South China produced 12 tropical cyclones, than the annual period (1981 – 2010) is more than 2.4.Among them, the 5 landed in China, more than 1.5 year period.The recent typhoon and landing time concentration, at the end of 7 up to now, there are 4 typhoon landing and.Ye Dianxiu said that this year, typhoon intensity is strong, the 5 landing typhoon in China, there are 4 reach typhoon level, this year earlier than 1.4 obviously more.In addition, the ninth typhoon this year, “Sura” and No. tenth typhoon “Damrey” landing time difference of
less than 12 hours.According to the existing historical data record, this is the first time such a situation.Previously, two typhoons landed in China the time difference between the minimum is 24 hours.”Davey” is our country in 1949 with complete meteorological data in north of the Yangtze River since the landing tropical cyclone, first reached typhoon intensity.Gao Shuanzhu introduces, “Davey” generation, due to its north side has remained very strong subtropical high, “Davey” only in the south of subtropical high moving to the west.In addition, since the same period in “Davey” on the west side there is another typhoon “Sura”, as the distance between the two closer, double typhoon action more and more apparent, make “of” accelerated westward, and on 2 day night landing in northern Jiangsu.
“Davey” why in Liaoning and caused serious disaster?China Meteorological Bureau typhoon and marine meteorological forecast center director Qian Chuanhai said, first of all because “Davey” intensity.”Davey” on the evening of August 1st into the East China Sea East, on the morning of 2 March into south central the Yellow Sea sea, due to its north subtropical “Davey” and the north cold air isolation, combined with Shanghai ocean thermal condition appropriate, so “Davey” into the East China Sea after the strength furtherenhanced, near the center of the largest wind by just entering the East China Sea 33 meters / seconds enhanced to 40 m / sec.Secondly, “Davey” after landing from Shandong into Bohai, although the land friction makes the “Davey” has weakened, but because Bohai adequate supply of water vapor to provide enough energy, making the “Davey” maintained, weakening slowly.(http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/
In addition, “Davey” periphery nephsystem and cold air combine, the precipitation strengthening, aggravate disaster.In fact Liaoning disaster is cold air precipitation and precipitation of typhoon superposition effect.Came 3 days on August 2nd, by cold air and warm air subtropical southwest side effects common, much of Liaoning appeared to heavy rain, southwest Liaoning and Liaodong Peninsula and other places also appeared in a rainstorm.From 3 to 5, by the “Davey” and cold air joint influences, most of Liaoning and the emergence of regional rainstorm.In August 2nd 8 when to 5 days 8 when, Liaoning Bureau of Xiuyan up to 405 mm, Liaoning Benxi County daily rainfall of 213.3 mm, as the maximum
value has since weather records.

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