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Apple will push the new product is another evidence: supplier sales record

U.S. investment firm Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White Brian White said preliminary sales data for a number of Apple parts suppliers that sales in July than in June, an increase of 14%. These manufacturers 50-60% revenue contribution by Apple. This data is these suppliers over the past seven years the average monthly sales growth (8.5%), nearly twice as much, but also they have record sales strongest since July.For example, Apple camera parts suppliers Largan (Largan Precision) January sales increased by 21%, Apple optical lens suppliers Genius Electronic Optical (Genius Electronic Optical) monthly sales sequentially grew 19.7%.Apple upstream supply chain mediocre sales performance in June. More important, which may indicate that the upstream supply chain significantly increase production to meet the significant product launch in Apple’s autumn. Apple may release in the fall of the next generation iPhone as well as rumors of iPad mini. Last month, media reported that Apple is currently being released in the products of that week to prepare on September 9, September 12.White wrote in an investment report: more and more evidence about Apple will release new products in September, we believe that Apple is working on its history, the second half of the largest product release in preparation with the iPhone 5 release, iPad Mini’s surface, combined with the Apple TV may be issued in the next few quarters, we believe that Apple stock will once again usher in a rose, eventually may push Apple’s stock price in the next year to reach our $ 1111 target price. “(http://www.interestsunglasses.com/)

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