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Gold time of U.S. team

London Olympic Basketball Final fierce competition for the U.S. team beat Spain 107-100, to obtain the gold medal.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that the Los Angeles Lakers (microblogging), a strong introduction Dwight – Howard, the deal shocked the league. Miami Heat (microblogging) fans are also very concerned about a few days ago, the famous reporter of the Sun-Sentinel Ira – Undeman to answer the related issues of enthusiastic fans.(http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)
Fans: Now that the Lakers can get Howard, So Does the Heat traded to Marcus – Marcus Camby than trading Ray – Allen difficult? Is – Pat Riley and Eric – Spoelstra, the Heat should continue to play small ball?
Undeman: First, I think the Lakers to the introduction of Howard’s influence has been exaggerated, because they had also had Andrew – Andrew Bynum. The height of the Lakers did not change much. When Bynum and Paul – Gasol and even Lamar – Lamar Odom of the Lakers, the Heat also have to deal with them. I will not exaggerate Dwight – Howard’s offensive, it is difficult to say that he can provide for the Lakers Bibainamu more offensive capability. Of course, the Heat and Lakers to duel to wait until the finals, after the Heat have to consider how in the Eastern thrust. I believe that, since the Heat could find a way to deal with the Orlando Magic, they will be able to deal with the Lakers. Finally, the Heat LeBron – James, the Lakers did not.

Fans: On paper, the height of the Lakers is very exaggerated, rebounding should be very strong. Heat the deal with the Lakers rebound control?
Undeman: Just like when they win the championship in 2012, done that, let everyone contribute, to start from James, Dwyane – Wade (microblogging). Heat physical, – Chris Bosh playing center, James to play power forward, do not suffer losses.

Fans: It’s hard to believe that Riley actually did not use the Bosh go to quote Howard. If he did, the Magic will not be accepted? Is Al – Harrington, Aaron – Efulaluo and a few tasteless picks Bi Boshi good? The Magic are not a star. Perhaps Riley would like to make the brand loyalty, but I do not miss Howard is a good thing. Lakers The signings more successful than the Big Three of Miami in 2010 set up.
Undeman: I think, even if Bosh had not positioned securely, but when the Heat a championship, Bosh’s seat on the stability. Orlando no interest in any player they think the price is too high, if they want to rebuild, then any players are superfluous. Ironically, the Magic’s future salary-cap space is likely to be because of the introduction of a star, such as Bosh, a result close to the luxury tax threshold.
Fans: Howard joined the Lakers, the Heat’s small-ball tactics to throw it? James how defensive John Howard and Pau Gasol?
Undeman: only one acceptable answer – Jamal – Jamal Magloire.

Fans: Howard went to the Lakers, how are we nervous?

Undeman: nervous? I do not think the tension in June. I consider that the Oklahoma City Thunder should be more tense than the Heat. They must first fight some and the Lakers. Look at the lineup of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Antoine – Jamison, Ci Shiping – Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash – (microblogging). But only a team like the one season and the Heat to play two regular season. The Lakers could be a strong contender of the 2013 championship, but they are not without opponents. They are just better than before.
Fans: Philadelphia 76ers got Bynum, 76 whether a threat to the Miami Heat?

Undeman: When I found that 76 Andre – Andre Iguodala and some role players to change to the Bynum, I was shocked. Andre Iguodala, of course, can prevent James, but the 76ers beat the Miami Heat. They did not Andre Iguodala With Bynum, but the lineup is still not enough to deal with the Heat. They need to Avon – Turner (microblogging), the evolution of two levels or three levels. Strength rose 76 Bynum, but the
short term, they still weaker than the Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls Derrick (From http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)

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