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The jersey number of stories

On 1950, jersey numbers first appeared on the world cup.Since then, the number of stories have been fans indulge in elaborating on the topic.In the world cup too long history, each number has created a large number of stars and interesting events.

1 consecutive miracle No. 1 does not necessarily belong to the goalkeeper, two special examples let No. 1 is very interesting.Argentina competed at the 1978 and 1982 World Cup, they according to the player’s last name number, so the team 1 player was halfback Alonso and Ardiles.Similarly, No. 1 also created countless records.The oldest captain Geoff to lift the world cup, add to 517 minutes without conceding a goal to create another record; Mexico goalkeeper Carbajal M consecutively participated in 5 World Cup record; last century’s great saves the 1970 World Cup is made by Banks, he was diving save Bailey a top into a dead corner header……

2, accelerating growth in this number to participate in the world cup after all become rise above the common herd, Baresi is a classic.In his 1982 and 1990 in 2, but 6 was his authentic number.Many people are wearing No. 2 immediately after the fame, they included Briggle, Camacho, and Cafu vogts.Another interesting example is the Poland goalkeeper Tomashevsky, in his 1974 world cup up wearing No. 2 saved a penalty.(http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)

3 Milan World Cup’s most famous several No. 3 and Italy’s ties to Milan.Bremer in this number in the 1990 finals scored the only goal; Bergomi and Facchetti also has worn this number in the World Cup won many honors, they all worked in international play in Milan.In 1974, when West Germany’s 3 Schnee Lingle is unbelievable defensive barrier, he worked at AC Milan had a glorious time.In 1990, Rijkaard is wearing No. 3.In 1994 and 1998 World Cup, the Argentina No. 3 is Chamot, they are AC Milan.This world cup, Maldini wearing the number 3.

No. 4 brutal monarchy in 1970, Alberto represented Brazil third times with the world cup, he was the world cup to give the fans the impression is insurmountable.Thereafter, in the number of people is never be truculent and unreasonable, they include the German star and the Holland star Coleman kohler.

5 elegant aristocratic in 1974, Beckenbauer made this number by the attention, he is in court summon wind and call for rain, is considered to be the caesar.On 1990, augenthaler continue this tradition, on 1994, another wearing No. 5 elegant faction emerged, he is Redondo.

6 born to captain this number training a large number of captain, Baresi is 6 pronoun.In addition, the 1966 England team captain Moore is wearing the number wins the championship, he is considered to be the best player in England.In addition England butcher, Argentina “Tito” does, Hierro of Spain, Brazil didi is wearing this number had light radiation.

7 idol flank this number belongs to winger, is also the idol’s most loved.The world cup is Beckham and Luis figo.Before this Bebeto in 1994, and then 1990 caniggia, 80’s Brian Robson also wore this number, early should belong to Mazzola, Zagallo.

No. 8 is a tough guy they seem intimidating, they wear the number 8 would dare to any rival.On 1958, Bobby Robson of England in the number of fame, thereafter, the Hungarian Keqi Shi, 1978 Dalgliesh has excellent play.8 of the greatest number should be Stoichkov and Socrates, the former in 1994 led the Bulgarian has scored 4; the latter is 1982 4 Brazil midfielder one.

9 be more in name than in reality this number belongs to the center.But it is the world cup, 9 did not show a very good role.The history of the world cup, the 9 leader is Bobby Charlton, but he’s not the center.Butragueno, Van Bastn and Careca are great number 9 in the world cup, but they are generally.Also worth mentioning is the German Schiller.

10 the king because Maradona and Bailey such a superstar, we know that the “10 star” this noun, the number 10 Jersey has become a synonym, mentioned 10 we associate with Maradona and Bailey, we associate with the king.

11, many 11 are like heroism with personal technology.Romario is an absolute classic, and he has no much difference also includes asprilla.Garrincha was an early personal dribbling master, after this, 11 players have strong spirit of individualism, they include Valdano of Argentina and Veron, Wardle of England and Barnes, the Spanish Gento, of course the German Rummenigge is an exception.

Number 12 goalkeeper No. 12 would never be a star, because this number is the goalkeeper’s nest.Of course, the Brazil defender Nilton Santos and Holland striker Rensenbrink is number 12 of the lucky ones.

13 challenges of evil though West taboo this figure, but a great free and Gerd Muller is wearing the number in the world cup to shine.Nesta also liked No. 13, the world cup and he will wear the number game.However, most countries still don’t like this number, 1978, Peru submitted a number list no No. 13, but FIFA did not approve their action.

14 The Flying Dutchman Cruyff special.

No. 15 is a touchstone of this was a touchstone, many players before the fame he wore this number, they included 1978 Platini, 1990 Baggio and Prosinecki.But the number of the most brilliant person is deductive Falcao, in 1982 he was one of the star.

16 Europeans love Poland star Lato with this number became the world cup best shooter, 1958 World Cup captain is number 16 Walter.World Cup Italy 1994 Donadoni is the number 16, the number of European players generally interested in.

17 immortal records Fontaine wore this number to create a world cup scoring 13 goals record, this is enough.

No. 18 is more like the number 9 in the world cup 9, but as the world cup 18, outstanding performance.Klinsmann is number 18 in the most outstanding player, followed by Boniek, the Copa was also the number.

19 secret weapons of Crespo in this world cup is the No. 19, No. 19, although it is not difficult to find “appearance is not surprising”, but there are key strength.Italy in the 1994 World Cup and 1998 mount a horse was Filippo Inzaghi is this number.

20 genius cradle in Brazil to win the 1994 World Cup, Ronaldo wearing No. 20.In 1982, almost even the world cup can enter Rossi actually in one fell swoop in scoring six times, to ensure that the Italy team won the championship.

21 All-Star reserve No. 21 must be prepared for bench bench, but these are all major suit.In 2002 World Cup games, for example, Enrique, Louis pine, forl, chinchilla, Gomes, caniggia, Kaviedes is already the reputation in outside, but cannot be sure to be the main chance.

22 and No. 3 goalkeeper most teams like the number 3 choice goalkeeper for the team, the 2002 World Cup because of the number 23, so only 13 of 3 choice goalkeeper, but the previous World Cup but very much.

No. 23 is constantly changing due to the World Cup 2002 new numbers, the number constantly changing, every country on the 23 arrangements are not the same.( http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/)

24 Maradona gift Argentina Football Association declared the Maradona archive 10, FIFA franchise Argentina with No. 24, then the whole world have only one world cup 24, he was Argentina’s goalkeeper Bonano, this number seems better than all the numbers of precious.



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