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About NFL jerseys

National American Football big alliance is [http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/ ] National Football League, referred to as the NFL. The United States is a huge football league. A total of 32 teams in the league, is divided into two big federation: American Football federation (American Football Conference, referred to as the AFC, ap) and National Football federation (National Football Conference, referred to as the NFC, the nl). Each federation has 16 teams, and divided into four competion area: the east, south, west and north. Each competion area have 4 team. Reebok company is NFL jerseys clothing only manufacturers, has special wholesale jerseys! In a foreign country, the original NFL jerseys can be roughly divided into three classes, from low to high respectively is: offset fans edition (Replica Jersey), senior fans edition (Premier Jersey/EQT Jersey), players edition (Authentic jerseys).
The difference between several jersey lies mainly in the shirt fabrics, number fabrics, clothing type aspects.
A, offset fans edition (Replica Jersey) shirt, the following we referred to as offset printing shirt. English direct translation is “copy edition shirt”, that means the appearance imitation players edition shirt, but the fabrics, number, garment type are and the player version have very big distinction. Offset printing shirt fabric is thin, number, player name sleeve team mark (if any), sleeve circle (if any), the reebok logo is the offset printing. Garment type, offset plate shirt clothes type suitable for wearing at ordinary times, and not like the players version that garment type should be suitable for pad. Offset plate shirt  than before pendulum after pendulum to shorter. This kind of shirt the price is relatively cheap, which shirt HangHuo price is $70 left
Senior fans edition (Premier Jersey/EQT Jersey) shirt, hereinafter referred to as the “premium shirt. With offset plate shirt, all belong to the fans edition shirt. But with offset plate is different, premium shirt fabrics to thick in offset plate; All of the number and the player’s name is single embroidered. But the team mark (if any), sleeve circle (if any), the reebok logo is the offset printing. Garment type also fit in at ordinary times. This kind of shirt price at $100 or so. There must be of special note is the so-called “single embroidery”. Have played NBA Jersey friend must know Swingman, NFL Premier Jersey is equivalent to the NBA Jersey Swingman Jersey. Single embroidery is on a piece of cloth with number on the color, then this piece of cloth seam on their shirt, premium jersey number embroidery is monolayer ?

Players edition (Authentic Jersey) shirt, players edition shirt is the most top shirt, all fabrics, number material are the same with the actual player. Cloth thicker, but very comfortable. All number are multilayer embroidery; Chest team mark is directly embroidery on clothes; Sleeve team mark and the reebok logo is to use the marks of embroidery sewing on clothes; Sleeve circle (if any) is the offset printing. Here the “multiple embroidery” refers to the number of each color cloth sewn by a superposition and become, this number is very durable, and administrative levels feeling is very strong, but there are also a lot of team number only one color. And the actual players in his shirt (Pro – cut Jersey/Pro – worn Jersey) is specially tailored for the players, garment type is ? according to the actual needs

Second, the gender simple introduction, suitable for different from the point of view of the crowd, the fans version of the shirt and divided into adult (adult Jersey), children edition (Youth Jersey), female version (Women Jersey). Which is the most common, a standard configuration. Youth version of the shirt size suitable from 8 to 10 a few years old children wearing, clothes on the number, NFL logo labels are relatively small. Baby edition relative simplified the shirt, no adult so careful. Female version of the shirt is suitable for female figure, such as waist circumference clipping. Here introduced detailed. NFL adult Jersey NFL youth Jersey adult baby edition NFL Women Jersey female version

Three, size we can write from size to differentiate shirt.
Fans edition (including offset and premium) size writing is: S, M, L, XL… .
Youth version of writing is: Youth S (8-10), Youth M (10-12), Youth L (12-18), Youth XL (18-20). The back of the number represents suited to wear age.
Players version of the measurement method is: 44, 48, 52… . 44 equivalent to L code, 48 equivalent to XL code, and so on.

This estimate we don’t quite understand, this kind of American size is to bust of inches to decide. Such as 44 code is bust 44 inches, equivalent to 112 cm. It is important to stress that the amount of the original production shirt size is to 4 inches of jump up. 52 up a size must be 56, then go up is 60 (like no more big). Appear 42, 46, 50, 54 size only in players in his shirt (Pro – cut Jersey/Pro – worn Jersey) will appear. Get familiar with the NBA, for example, when Jordan in Washington is wearing a specific 50 yards shirt. So in addition to 50 yards, it is not likely to 46, 54, etc size Jordan wizards shirt. If you see this size, can say for sure this shirt is fake!!!!! In the NFL shirt is the same as the truth.

Finally, I want to do a shirt of true and false of the comparison, hope to want to buy a shirt friends to help. Want to buy in China the NFL jerseys still is more difficult. Domestic NFL HangHuo should be few. My first two years in xiamen a Reebok found in stores sell a Packers and bengals of offset plate adult shirt. The price is very expensive, like soon block, and then never seen. Now the search taobao, filled with many fake NFL player edition shirt. These shirt are rough work, by its number is the embroidery, the work is very sick.

Tell the players edition shirt method. Will the shirt inside out, observation embroidery part of the situation. The original shirt embroidery is a “Z” glyph, embroidered on their shirt, very smooth, in internal almost touch not a feeling of embroidery. And fake is line close will number directly seam on clothes. The original hawks jersey players version. Observe carefully clothes will find black “Z” glyph of seam in the garment, is this line will number and shirt is linked together, can make the wearer feel very comfortable, won’t have uneven feeling!

If for kit is not very understanding, can log onto http://www.wholesalejerseysx.com/ corresponding comparison, it will have a very good understanding!

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