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Well-known enterprises recorded-Oakley

The day before yesterday, the United Center in Chicago 22410 spectators standing ovation witnessed the Bulls dynasty of the old legend Scottie Pippen hands of his No. 33 jersey raised. Since then the name of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, Bob Le Ng, Jerry Sloan, side by side, the Joint Center for eternal legend.
Pippen absolutely caught up with a good time, if his early 40 jersey retired this file thing, not to mention what live TV, news headlines, and even show you a little face in the newspaper is also a luxury. This is called: the right place have and you.
Oakley glasses glasses products on the concept of subversion is it the glasses comfortable, practical, artistic, integrating. Product design or choice of materials, have been a series of advanced scientific experiments and testing to ensure its comfort and high quality, high degree of integration and the function and fashion. “Simply said, OAKLEY fashion is innovative fascinated by a burning zeal to challenge all the rules, technological innovation fad and technically demanding precision requirements OAKLEY has a unique set of scientific, artistic, unyielding the challenges of cultural heritage from traditional thinking, and very persistent. “( http://www.interestsunglasses.com/ )
OAKLEY First it is the most famous vice sunglasses series to show us this extraordinary enthusiasm. OAKLEY sunglasses always leading in the field of science and technology, because the use of high-tech to make them again and again beyond the limits, and the world’s leading athletes engaged in different projects trial to test all possible imaginable case. “These athletes wear OAKLEY sunglasses are worthy of respect.” OAKLEY think they are representative of the fashion spirit of OAKLEY, and cited as proof of the Lance Armstrong.
Lance Armstrong (Lance Armstrong) is one of the world’s most famous cyclist, His legendary status has been far from a fashion or a genius can be described. As early as the 1980s, he is an active all-round three athletes. In 1990 he started road racing career and became a OAKLEY athletes, a year later he won the U.S. Amateur champion. In 1993, he became the youngest world road champion, and he cut a striking figure in the Tour de France. In the subsequent 1996, Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer followed by cancer cells to spread to the lung, and later invasion of his brain, in his former team, Lance no longer entitled to health insurance and funding provided by his economic on the support. Then OAKLEY not only continued under contract with Lance, OAKLEY hire full-time employees and pay for his health insurance. Lance never give up, OAKLEY also never given up Lance. Lance completed the greatest recovery, and in 1999 he won his first Tour de France. More than five years he received at least five victories, the state after a serious illness than before, to become one of the most of the respect in the world. OAKLEY technology he has been in fierce competition because he knows OAKLEY high technology and perfect design can help him, with a tacit understanding between him and the OAKLEY.
“This is what we call fashion, fashion is cool, the young, is comfortable, it is a never-ending spirit, and always adhere to the path of development and innovation.” Per one science and technology have brought change fashion, to subvert the traditional thinking of a new revolution. OAKLEY is such a perfect science and technology features, stylish creative together. Want to have multi-functional and their own unique products? Oakley will be able to meet all the requirements, and exceed the goal of the first imagination and creativity combined.

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