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British media commentary the wealthy debut: Manchester United weakness is ringing off the hook Manchester City line of defense vulnerable

After the end of Manchester United and Everton, Premier League 2012/2013 season, 10 games in the first round finish.Two traditionally strong teams, Manchester United and Liverpool in the away loss to rivals, while substantial shake-up Arsenal Hanping Sunderland, Chelsea, Manchester City take all three points. The following is a summary of the first round of the British media commentaries Sohu Sports.
01 – Daily Mail
The long-awaited Robin van Persie’s first show, the final only to Manchester United’s defeat ended Feilai Ni is the overall best player on the field, he has created a great deal of threat, of course made ​​a goal. Ferguson had hoped to Van Persie fielded strengthen firepower, but the play was too late, he shot failed contribution, on the whole, Everton controlled the game.
The football legend Redknapp wrote in his column in: “When Azar ball, he will find ways of making trouble, he completely with chaotic defensive rhythm, and grab the defender before reached the hinterland, but the second half he played a little too fancy, on the whole, to see him play will be very pleasant feeling.

02 – Mirror

Manchester City’s line of defense seems to be somewhat fragile, Agger joining or not, they need to be strengthened in the middle of the defense, Kompany is a high-level players, Lescott looks will always be guilty of some low-level errors. Sergio Aguero’s injury will have a tremendous impact, once seriously injured, blue moon Legion no suitable backup candidate, as Balotelli? No one will have his life pressure on him.
Battle as Manchester United, Everton, Moyes completely to find the weakness of the Red Devils, he Fei Laini impact other makeshift defense, Fei Laini performance is extremely out of color, his rivals completely off the hook, especially defender Michael Carrick is on behalf of the class, and perhaps among the rest, he will be doing a giant nightmare about the first explosion.

03 – Sky Sports

Wenger governance, Arsenal have 7 years never cup, perhaps Arsenal have to change when you can feel that there are some things wrong. Which champion team will continue to sell the players headed Wenger can not bring such as the order of the star, the fact of the matter is there, the Arsenal players are not good enough, can not be compared with the former, if it continues this strategy, their troubles will continue.
Rogers led Liverpool first round against West Brom in the first half, they take advantage, control the ball, creating a lot of opportunities, but when the Glasgow West Brom opened the scoring after Liverpool began to collapse.

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