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What did u do this summer

The pleasant summer life is like a flowing endless stream. “Creek” at all times in the singing joy joyful children’s song, which prawn fishing is a very pleasant one.
It is a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the sun would smiling his hot be thunderstruck “Revenge” sprinkling the earth. The whole earth has suddenly become a big stove. We happily under the scorching sun under the leadership of the teachers, rushed to catch a shrimp farm, the first to show in front of us is an oval-shaped shrimp ponds, the shrimp ponds, like a piece of green jade, breeze blowing, the water immediately thrown in waves, the United States. Shrimp farm’s uncle saw us come to “personal visits”, smiles busy open, hold parasols, distribute food, and net bag … students holding shrimp pole carrying stools each selected an optimal place to sit down, quiet shrimp ponds suddenly crowded together.
I took the prawn fishing tools came to where I feel easy to catch shrimp, sit down later, I began to “work” together. I put on the heart-shaped grains shrimp hook, and then thrown into the water, the next they calmly wait for the shrimp to children “patronizing”, given floats up and down in the water about 15 minutes or so, beat a few times, my heart out followed by floats jump stop, I hold on tightly with both hands shrimp pole suddenly mentioning, but raised up the bait has gone even shrimp child’s shadow did not see. This “guy” is really cunning. I will to put them back on the shrimp bait shrimp hook thrown into the water. After a child, buoys and beating the few, and this time I did not rush to pole, when the buoy suddenly sink into the water, I see the time is ripe, they shoved mentioning rod, but Who knows shrimp children with a the strokes belonging fled, this was so angry I want to dropped shrimp not fishing pole. Just the teacher came up to me and said: “the children, Whatever you do must have patience this shrimp children bite can be ‘tricky’ it first dragged the bait is in the ‘wandering’, and so drag it to the Security place before ‘taste’, and so we do and do not impatient.
I listened to the teacher spread “secret” I Shuaixia shrimp hook. After a shrimp children hooked. I slowly shrimp are dying child put the network, initial victory, I turn hook thrown into the water, waiting for the next to the invading enemy “…
Unconsciously they day nearly Zhongtian, each carrying the triumphant return of the “spoils of war” seemingly very simple little things tell us a reason: patience and perseverance is the “cornerstone” of a career, or will achieve nothing

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