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A personal letter about Diaoyu Islands to Hu Jintao from Japanese Prime Minister

The recent series of events that caused due to the Diaoyu Islands issue in Sino-Japanese tensions intensify further. 27, rejected by the Japanese government in Tokyo, raised boarded the Diaoyu Islands field survey application, but the Japanese media claimed that the government had been prepared as early as September Diaoyu Islands “nationalization”; 28, Japanese media reported that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda plans handwritten sent a letter to Chinese leaders, called on both sides to calmly, and reaffirmed the importance of the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relations between the two countries on bilateral relations in the recent dispute over the Diaoyu Islands tensions.
Not approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan landed on the island investigation
According to Xinhua News Agency, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura repair the afternoon of the 27th day of the Japanese government a written response, Tokyo Diaoyu Islands are not approved by the end of this month which previously carried out a field survey application.
Fujimura said, Nagahama, Deputy Chief of Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki written reply Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo, raised landing on the island application is not approved, the reason is to smooth stability and management, in addition to government stakeholders, in principle, prohibit any person from landing on the island. Ishihara said in a statement, the Japanese government refused to Tokyo, landed on the island “was unable to understand on this.
Earlier, the Japanese government rejected Japan’s ultra-partisan alliance of parliamentarians same ground, landing on the island held the application of the “comfort spiritual sacrifices.
The Ishihara, announced in April this year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be held this year from private hands to the acquisition of the Diaoyu Islands, part of the island. Since then, Tokyo, to the measurement of the island land the grounds that landed on the island investigating the application to the Japanese Government on the 22nd of this month.
According to NHK television reported, in view of the landing on the island application is rejected, Tokyo, September 2 sent a survey ship to sea surveys over the Diaoyu Islands. Ishihara also said that, personally participated in the survey in October.
As early as September Diaoyu Islands “nationalization”
The Chinese Foreign Ministry had repeatedly position on the Diaoyu Islands issue, pointed out that the Diaoyu islands since ancient times, is China’s inherent territory, the earliest discovered by the Chinese, naming and utilization. The Japanese side of Diaoyu Islands to take any unilateral action is illegal, invalid, and China urged the Japanese side to effectively handle the current problem, and to avoid the impact on the overall situation of Sino-Japanese relations.
Yoshihiko Noda, however, on the 27th again tough stance to the issue of the Diaoyu Islands and Takeshima (South Korea called Dokdo) “calm and decided to corresponding”. On the same day, Japanese media said the government has drawn up a timetable of the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” of September will have the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization”.
According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on the 27th, while gradually clear “unilateral Share island” action against the Tokyo Metropolitan, the Japanese government to accelerate action to develop the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” timetable, the desire to be first in September this year to buy Diaoyu Islands, to the so-called Japanese side of Diaoyu Islands “land owner” of the proposed purchase of a total of 2 billion yen.
Reported analysts said the Japanese government returned Ishihara landed on the island of application, but to speed up the pace of the implementation of the “nationalization” of the Diaoyu Islands, in order to implement the national “sovereignty”. This was a frustrating while territorial disputes with South Korea, Russia, Japan, is accelerating the transition from the actual control of the “right to rule” on the Diaoyu Islands to the full control over the management of the “sovereignty”.
Noda caused by a personal letter to Chinese leaders
NHK television station reported that on the 28th, around the Diaoyu Islands issue, the Sino-Japanese relations again became tense, the Noda Cabinet Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” policy as well as the seizure of Hong Kong, China Diaoyu incident, led to anti-Japanese sentiment in China. In this context, Noda plans caused by a personal letter to Chinese leaders.
According to Japanese government sources, Noda plans to in the letter expressed concern about tensions between the two countries on the Diaoyu Islands issue. Meanwhile, in September, a time when the recovery the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Noda plans in the letter reaffirmed the importance of the strategic and mutually beneficial relations between the two countries, both major concerns and the Korean issue expounded the position and attitude of the Japanese side, and urge the two sides to calm the high-level dialogue.
Japan’s Kyodo News reported that 28 Yoshihiko Noda upcoming visit to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister of Yamaguchi strong forwarded a personal letter addressed to Chinese President Hu Jintao.

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