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Do you like rock climbing

Opened on a natural rock Sport line is a very exciting thing, when you play a safe, clean, beautiful, challenging the line, you will have a great sense of accomplishment, you will be very happy to other climbers introduce you to the development of the line, with climbers from around the world to share your happiness.
If you first climb (redpoint), you can also named to the line. But the line is not only fun, or a very serious matter. Because, if you choose inappropriate rock, with substandard equipment, or purely due to your own mistakes yourself, a partner or other climbers injury or even death, you will cause to themselves and their families, friends great pain (own killed not say, recognize bad luck; fall killed the others, you will be faced with legal, economic predicament, or at least conscience condemn). So, the lines of development on the natural rock must be careful, “Safety is always the first thing to consider is the most important factor. 0, open informant should possess the following qualities
0.1, the operating capacity Yangshuo of Xitang international climbing club opened informants should first be a climber, the only way he have sufficient capacity to myself, partner and later climbers responsible. He must have considerable experience, must be able to manipulate a variety of commonly used climbing equipment and open-line equipment, he must be skilled own solid to ensure that the points (Anchor), skilled use of rope and playing all kinds of knots, skilled The descent with protection, including GuiGui, ATC, Reverso, 8 words (not recommended), skilled use of fast hanging, master locks, rope and sling In addition, the need to wear seat belts skilled. Which set the Anchor is perhaps the most important and easily overlooked, access to relevant information on how to set up secure Anchor, this is not the scope of this article (old iron have very good talks on this issue).
0.2, climbing ability
Is difficult to conceive of a low-level climbers can develop a high level of line, so climbing ability is to open the lines should have the basic ability. In general, you develop the line should not be more than your best climbing level (redpoint level stress, Pioneer needs to climb, but not the top rope and hanging on a rope on repeated attempts) too high, a digital high 5.10 below 5.10 above (including 5.10) and one or two high letters are acceptable. Climbing ability is less than managed to develop a tough line, the likely result of a low-quality lines, or even destroy the rock wall was the later ridiculed cattle with verbal abuse.
0.3, a responsible attitude
Consider to be involved to develop a good natural rock Sport line, such as a safe, clean, and beautiful, and so is particularly important, because of someone else’s life might be in your My attitude, so there must be open lines a responsible manner, it is necessary to take full account of the high levels of climbers with low levels of climbers on the line that may be encountered, such as the level is not high climbers will fall off the platform or rock wall tree’s main branches dry, this situation is likely to cause serious injury.
1, the necessary equipment
Bolt (expansion nail)
Bolt for Hanger fixed on the rocks, because of the Bolt the quality is directly related to the safety of climbers, and Bolt once installation is extremely difficult to remove, so the the Bolt choice becomes extremely important. In general, when you choose Bolt taking into account the local climate and environment, for example, in the north of China, Beijing, Guo Liang, Huang Yadong, etc. due to less rain, dry climate, you can use the carbon steel Bolt, in these areas, carbon Steel Bolt should be able to use for more than 20 years; while in the southern region of China, Yangshuo, Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other areas due to rain and wet climate, steel equipment rust easily, it is best to use a stainless steel Bolt.
In order to be able to withstand enough momentum, Bolt screw diameter should not be less than 10mm. Bolt the length varies with the rock rocky general, granite 60mm of Bolt strong enough (which need to the granite surfaces weathering part removed); limestone due microporous, preferably with a 90mm length. may also be used viscose dedicated Bolt. 1.2 Hanger (hanging) Hanger for connecting Bolt and fast hanging, hanging piece of quality related to the person’s life, so sloppy. Coupon should use the regular manufacturers UIAA or CE certification, the UIAA certified 22Kn (bear tension about 2 tons of force), CE certification should strictly, generally 25Kn (the bear rally of about 2 tons of force) . In addition, some hang piece design can wear rope, and Metolius some models, MadRock, Trango’s. While the vast majority of the coupon can not be directly wear the rope, because the sharp hole coupon, it is easy to cut the rope, be sure to use lock connected to a rope with Hanger. Taking into account weather factors, the southern region is preferably made of stainless steel, the North can use galvanized steel material.
The choice of the drill Please reference: “job suitable rock drills> 1.4, hammer deceive small mm show off what you can buy a BlackDiamond or Petzl of the splendidly rock hammer, more than 400 yuan. If not then burn bag, buy a claw hammer is enough. Weigh the time to buy, do not be sunk, carrying a strenuous and not too light, so do not conveniently. Buy it back on the rod to make a hole to fasten a small noose, save from the rock fall.
As long as the appropriate nut size, screwed up the effort, together with less Shen. Fasten small noose, save from the rock fall.
Blowing drilling in stone gray, pay attention to the right diameter, to be able to into the hole about one meter in length suitable. So a Yong Shounie blowing Sub. Fasten small noose, save from the rock fall.
Climbing equipment: Due to the development of new routes, often from the edge of the cliffs to go around or climb up to traditional or Aid. Traditional climbing up, it will need more equipment than listed below, such as mechanical plugs, rock plug, rock cone (as far as possible without, lest destruction of rock); rope ladder if you want to Aid, also need to be prepared, rock hook, FiFi hook and so a lot of equipment.
The best choice for the rope diameter in 9.5mm or more static rope or climbing Ropes (static rope is better to extend the small, easy to control in the air), because the the rope dropped braking more effort to use GriGri rope diameter of more than 10mm, or unsafe.
Seat belt
Please select the belt and thigh with a relatively wide and soft models, otherwise hanging in the air for a long time will feel extremely uncomfortable.
Decline protector
Appropriate fall GriGri (single rope dropped) and ATC or Reverso (double abseiling). Need to use GriGri rope fixed at the top, good GriGri self-locking function (use the rope greater than 9.5mm in diameter), using GriGri can be very convenient to stay in the air to release the hands to operate other equipment, such as drills, hand drills, hammers, wrenches, etc.. If no GriGri ATC or Reverso plus French grasping junction, such a system can also be easily stays in the air to release the hands operating the equipment. Play on the French caught junction see other information. 1.7.4, helmets
Helmet is necessary! Undeveloped lines usually rockfall, be sure to bring a helmet.
Master Lock
I do not have to say it?
Many purposes, test line you do to ensure the point you
Many purposes, such as the practice style caught knot.
The noose and sling
The many uses, for example, the practice of grasping the knot, do to ensure that the point of use.
Ju rope (Daisy)
Fixed already beaten Hanger own.
1.8 crane to pull the package?
Used to pull equipment hanging from the bottom upwards. Often very hard to climb, so be sure to be less with things, with only the most needed things, has nothing to do with climbing equipment can later hanging pull up. Climbing stores generally have dedicated hanging pull package sale, however beautiful and professional, but expensive. Hanging pull package can do it yourself, you can use special wear-resistant PVC fabric cuts, then sewing without more ado. Master smashing line to find a shoe repair is a good choice.
Other aids (optional)
Used to try climbing on the rock after calibration playing Bolt’s location. With magnesium powder instead (high cost :-)).
Goggles, earplugs and face masks
Goggles for eye protection, can prevent the drill collapse small sand into the eyes.
Masks, you do not want to silicosis, right? Prepare a no harm.
Often screw wrench handle knock on a stone, not afraid to wear gloves.

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