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climbing a mountain

Like climbing a mountain that I am not particularly to climb on the physique is extraordinary and the ordinary.
Like climbing a mountain climbing fun. Climbing cheer troubles, trivial distractions behind you, to enjoy nature Yile; climbing Yee heart, perhaps by the ancients “For a grander sight, a higher level” spun obsessed upward The A Yiyue on top. It is: one on one on another, one on top to the mountains. Raise my Red Day to cloud, rivers and mountains in sight; climbing Yisi This is a very interesting thought Yat, when your feet try to climb in, thinking they casually left the body in the mountains, in the mountains, enjoying another some emotion. And one or artificially high mountain peaks mood, Quan like the wonderful sentiment soaked with the whole mind. There was a wise man “woolly-headed” and dead drunk, high mountain, trance, staring at the earth, rivers, cities, and the clear water and blue sky scenery rare daze “, much the same purpose. Versa is a blessing.
Needless to say, the the mountaineering cultivate character, beneficial body Yixin puzzle. Bring the camera can enjoy the visual feast of a different kind, gulping, or there is another eternal harvest. This harvest, personally cultivate the results of the mind.


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