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Outdoor Movies

“Vertical Limit”
The most significant feature of the movie is the outdoor climbing. Heroism and popcorn
Easy integration of talent. Different people found inside the music
Interest. Chinese audiences are familiar with the movie. Climbing movie that slip
A fall dead individuals too unusual, but “crying wolf Wars
A the group similar outdoor mountaineering Huazhui lens. Vertical and low quality. Chess imitation ”
Limit “the traces of a very strong but this small flaws we do not care about the pro you say okay,

“The tragedy the rest of his life”
This movie based on the true story of the movie called disaster class
This is definitely not ironic in a wonderful work. This crash tragedy
Drama and so survival miracle. Want to copy the. Unless God without
Happy so. Old providential script. How to shoot how good. Same
Crash movie, “crying wolf wars” in the scene of the crash wreckage layout.
Completely. Loyal, a bit too much to learn the works of their predecessors, do not blame
Director, who let this scene in the whole film ten minutes?

Beads juvenile Langma peak
With Everest has its roots in more than adventure company. Movies public
Division, for example! MA X.1996 years there is the scene in the Everest tragedy
IMAX Corporation crews to participate in that plan, first save.
Good shooting are disrupted. In the following spring. Dice axis awkward
IMAX Corporation once again into the mountains, and finally completed the shooting of this film. Zhong
Real reduction of that famous Everest mountain. And for this
The piece dubbed Hollywood cafe precisely Werewolf Wars
Hero with Muni Sen. In fact. Neeson Uncle
Multi-documentaries offer his wonderful voice. Thing
We have said earlier.

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  1. September 1, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Touching the Void must get mentioned. Awesome film.

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