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Outdoor sports brand advertising creative than simple and direct

Outdoor sports brand advertising is not advertising than other brands need more creative? Faced with overwhelming advertising, how to seize the initiative to come to the fore? Creative advertising to stimulate consumer desire to buy? The newspaper joint investigation Circle were The online survey, outdoor sports brand in ispochina2011 (Seventh Asian sporting goods and fashion show) during the on-site investigation.
Phenomenon: good brownie points
A line of people stand barefoot in the snow and ice possible exception of underwear nothing to wear, and they are smiling, everyone holding a piece of clothing … This is an ad in the Beijing subway tunnels. The survey shows that, to many consumers, this ad was impressed – “a piece of clothing can be strong to the point!” It turned out that Columbia introduced a revolutionary thermal technology – Omni-Heat exceptional thermal systems …
Pathfinder Pathfinder invited Wang as a spokesperson, Wang high visibility and good image of the high-end crowd, as well as its frequent summit feat of the World Summit on the professional image of the Pathfinder can be demonstrated, and a good fit customer base. The Pathfinder CCTV jingles “overtheway” let the ALICE love love outdoor sports.
An excellent advertising to attract consumers is that creative content. Outdoor sports brand if unconventional advertising creative, inventive, the consumer will have a powerful psychological breakthrough effect. Its distinctive characteristics will inspire consumers to generate strong interest and left a deep impression, and then touch their consumption nerve. ALICE well-informed, active thinking, in order to win their favor, creativity is more essential.
Many outdoor sports brand advertising, whether consumers can remember an ad? 41 respondents, ages 21-30 years old accounted for 90.2%, 31-40 years of age accounted for 7.3%, 2.5% The respondents in the 41-50 years old. These people, noticed an advertisement accounted for 75.6%, 24.4% and did not pay attention to a an outdoor sports brand advertising. Can clearly recall an ad respondents accounted for 20.5%, 30.8% of respondents remember most of the 28.2% of the respondents have the impression fuzzy, just remember some 20.5% do not remember. The survey results show that outdoor sports brand advertising brownie points with a good performance.
Why an outdoor sports brand advertising to attract eyeballs, 25.0% of the respondents just to fill the empty hours, 10.0% of the respondents wanted to know more about a product through advertising, eye-catching enough that the carrier area accounted for 25.0% of the respondents, 32.5% of respondents believed that advertising content to attract talent let their attention to an ad, 7.5% of the respondents do not understand the reasons why.
Analysis: creative advertising can sellers rare
“Advertising is not to spend money to make you good to be true, the ads must be responsible for business advertising whimsical can, but it must not be divorced from the business and otherwise creative stories that are no good.” Participate in a ispochina2011 outdoor sports brand advertising manager Mr. Lu told reporters. In the current situation of the outdoor sports advertising, a lot of creative advertising, but also sellers of advertising creativity is rare.
Then consumers are holding a point of view? Outdoor sports brand, a creative advertising, how much impact the purchasing decisions of consumers? 10.8% of the respondents think that will change the purchase decision; think there is a certain the impact, but will give priority to the original intention of the respondents (62.2%); 21.6% of respondents believed that almost no impact; 5.4% of the respondents

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