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Do you have a pair of bright and dewy eyes ??

Eyes, being hailed as the “windows of the soul”. It is the first of the five senses, the vital organs of the people, for the people’s work, study and life are crucial.Everyone hopes to have the the double bright eyes of God, but to protect their own eyes, the conditioning of the daily diet is important thing. # Animal food in vitamin A, carotene in plant foods is to protect the eyes, and the maintenance of normal vision “panacea”. The lack of them, eyes will be bleak vision loss. Because vitamin A, and carrots, factors directly involved in chemicals absorb light in the retina – the formation of rhodopsin. Better nutritional status of vitamin A in the body of rhodopsin synthesis more, shorter time to restore vision in the dark light. Conversely, the vitamin A nutritional status is poor, inadequate amounts of vitamin A in the blood, can lead to the synthesis of rhodopsin obstacles will appear to the night that vaguely see something of the night blindness phenomenon. Upon supplementation with vitamin A or carotene such problems will be lifted. # In addition, vitamin A and carotene is also key nutrients to maintain normal human epithelial tissue metabolism. Once the vitamin A deficiency, and there will be a dry eye and corneal osteomalacia. Thus, from the appearance of giving a eyelid wrinkles, dull eyes, dehydration less God feeling. # Food vitamin B2, is also important nutrients for eye protection. Once the lack of it, will also appear eyes primary light, dry, lack of God, Yingfengliulei and vision loss and other phenomena, eyes giving a tired spirit feeling kind of eye protection? Eyes are direct human visual understanding of the objective world. organ, no eyes, we feel around dark. To protect your eyes, you must start from the following aspects:
1.Prevention of myopia. Is not strong or too dark light reading, writing. Reading and writing posture to sit upright, to maintain a distance of more than 30 cm between the eye and the book.Not lying down reading. Car walk do not read books.
2. Read and write time not too long. Every 50 minutes or so to relax or do some eye exercises or looking off to the window.
3. Do not watch TV programs for a long time, to operate a computer and playing video games.
4. Attention to prevent eye injury, foreign body gets in the eyes with the correct approach.
5. Do not rub your eyes, do not rub eyes dirty handkerchief or dirty towel. Do not share towels, washbasin and bath.
6. Do not look directly at the sun (especially at noon) and welding light, so as not to burn the eyes. Meals remember to bring sunglasses to protect the eyes
7. Suffering from eye diseases to be treated promptly, while careful not germs to other

Eye protection :
1 lit
The light should be sufficient and comfortable (the light is too weak, the font can not see, will be imagined myopia).
2, reflective to avoid
The desk should have edge lights device, which is designed to reduce the reflective, in order to reduce damage to the eyes.
3, reading time not too long
Whether doing homework or watching TV, time not too long, a short break every hour or so is better.
4, posture should be upright
Can not be hunched over, do their homework very near or tummy, this could easily lead to ciliary muscle tension caused by excessive fatigue, and cause myopia.
5, the reading distance should be moderate
The standard distance of 30 cm prevail between the books and the eyes, and the height of the tables and chairs should be the body to adapt, will not be forced.
Distance, watching TV too close not to
Watching TV should be kept with the TV screen diagonal distance of six to eight times every hour should rest for a moment is appropriate.
7, sleep is essential, regular daily routine
The lack of sleep the body fatigue, could easily lead to the pseudo-myopia.
8, do more outdoor sports and wear sports sunglasses
Often looking off to relax eye muscle, prevent myopia, more contact with nature, Castle Peak green good for the health of the eye.
9,Nutritional intake should be balanced
Can not be a partial eclipse, should pay special attention to the intake of vitamin B (germ vegetables, cereals, yeast).

1. pay attention to develop good heHealth habits: : computer operator should not side to operate a computer while eating, and it is not in the operating room dining, otherwise easily lead to indigestion or gastritis. Computer keyboard more contacts, After work should wash their hands to prevent infectious diseases.
2, to keep the skin clean: keep clean the skin of the face and hands, because the surface of the computer screen, there is a lot of static electricity, gather dust can reach all parts of the exposed skin of the face and hands of the operator, such as do not clean a long time, and prone to unsightly rash, pigmentation, severe cases may even cause skin lesions, impact of beauty and physical and mental health.
Note added nutrition: computer operator in the screen before the long working hours, the retina rhodopsin is consumed mainly by the synthesis of vitamin A rhodopsin. Therefore, the computer operator should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other food, people to supplement full of vitamin A and protein. Usually can drink some tea, crude tea contains polyphenols and other active substances, absorption and antagonistic role of radioactive substances, made known function as well as genetic factors have a protective effect on the human body.
4, pay attention to the correct posture: sit-owned operation should be correct and comfortable. The central location of the computer screen should be installed, it is best to use in online the same level of the chest with the operator, the distance of the eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm adjustable height chair. During the operation, should always winked or turn a blind eye to rest for a while, to adjust and improve vision and prevent vision loss.
5, pay attention to the work environment: the computer room light should be appropriate, not too bright or too dark, avoid direct exposure to light on the screen and interfere with the light. Periodically clear indoor dust and microorganisms, best to clean up with a damp cloth or warm mop the disinfected air filter, properly regulate the amount of wind, transform fresh air. Home computer operating should refer to the heart of a strip melodious, and use the shield electronic spokes body to minimize possible harm to human body.
6, attention to work and rest: In general, the computer operator should rest for about 10 minutes after 1 hour of continuous work. And the best activities outside of the operating room activities limbs and trunk, take a walk, do some Guangbo Cao, active rest, or do eye exercises and activities head indoors (a lot of people complain about cervical pain, its head would be helpful ).
7, to protect their eyesight: To protect vision, in addition to regular breaks, pay attention to the supplement containing vitamin A-rich foods, the best attention to overlook, and often do eye exercises, to ensure adequate sleep time.

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