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The world’s most beautiful athletes ‘s life partner

September 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Well-known entertainment website zimbio selected the 10 most beautiful athletes in the world today wife / girlfriend Bryant wife Wa Laisha only column 24, the Spice Girls has topped the top 10, what Pageant fortunate the list?
Wife of rugby star TomBrady’s, the world’s most expensive supermodel

NBA San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker’s wife Eva

Cole’s early Xie Lier

Grizzlies players “drinking fountains” Jaric’s wife, supermodel

Crouch’s girlfriend, one of the most famous WAG in Premiership

The baseball star ReggieBush girlfriend, they also outflow over sex video

Tennis star Andy Roddick’s wife

Beckham’s wife

The baseball star TerrellOwens current girlfriend

The current girlfriend baseball superstar AlexRodriguez, but she beat Madonna get AlexRodriguez heart

F1 driver Hamilton Wildcats two skelter several

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