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Entire family to a father of five baby climbing Legion ”

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Hugo (16), Thoma (15), Elie (13), Nina (10) and Naile (8), Meignan family of five children in father Lucas led by Spain Aragon spent a perfect climbing holiday. Their early age like father under the influence on the sport.
“5 small when we guide them to participate in mountain sports, develop their exercise habits and indomitable will, childhood safe climbing consciousness. Addition, also occasionally take them to participate in other outdoor activities.” Lucas tells the story about his climbing baby.

Children a passion for rock climbing, and very talented, with the hoisting of belief and physical, and has the correct values ​​in practice, the climb can make rational decisions, to ensure their own safety. Cliffs Directions The bouldering in fact, their play park, and sometimes they will choose their own routes. almost time our indoor and outdoor practice, I educate them to have a peace of mind and a cautious attitude. indoor practice except at home and sometimes go to the club.

As parents, our children’s education substantially all of penetration in the climbing, and guide them to safety climbing healthy competition. Often with them on weekends and holidays go outdoor rock climbing, and participate in the competition. Their mother is a world-class judo players, so they also like judo, often practice to improve their abilities. In fact, each of them has its own characteristics in rock climbing, but as long as that for their own just fine together discovered the fun of life.’
In addition to their separate competitions, a family climbing destination in Italy, is also possible that the United States, mainly to see the budget situation, after all, so all costly. ‘

Hugo Meignan

Thoma Meignan

Elie Meignan

Naile Meignan


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Dislocation photography

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