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Love the scenery on a bike

The weather is getting better and better, do you General restlessness in your spare time, wants to have a travel. Would love to ride bicycles were more missed the wisps of Breeze loneliness moments, a moment of beauty across the pieces. Ride a row on the road, meadow, mountain road, feel breath of unit itself to the high skies, dreamy paradise, documenting our laughter and memories, a small bicycle carries the strange and familiar mood.

We ride through each cycle city, we can think of, wanted to take things in an ideal love–the kind without taboo, free, simple happiness. Let us domestic those sacred and scenic rides, start a synchronization to relax body and soul travel.

Away from the era of a bike bag and baggage as a dowry, we can now travel envisaged a whole bunch of high-sounding reasons for cycling. The most direct is fit and strong body, or some fantasy of romance, and a cycling film background, and find yourself a little nostalgic, youthful passion of life. No longer on times, we caught up with the low-carbon age, and can be low-carbon journey.

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