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How to preserve youth, keep good looks

The love for attractiveness is native to humans, beauty is very important for every woman, female willing to spent money to buy all types of effective skin care products, is to preserve youth, keep good looks. We do not know when we has wrinkles under the eyes, eyes already had traces of time, It has been as clear as well yesterday.

What are woman the most afraid of? Woman afraid of wrinkles on their face, they eyes no longer clear! When these occurred, what would you do? Age is not the main cause, there are a lot of other reasons, such as not doing daily protection measures which  will make our eyes getting old. If you take daily care, Sun protection measures, put on sunglasses to correct some wrong life habits, maintenance also spared, perhaps one day a night’s sleep, you’ll find it’s not so cruel. Start right now!!!          (



The Nice Photoes by Lee Hyori

July 24, 2012 1 comment

Lee Hyori ,she is one of my idols ,the  Goddess of men’s eyes.The famous singer from Korea.

Recently she took some photos for Oakley sunglass  (

When shooting with Oakley fashion sunglasses perfect digestion style types perform a diverse atmosphere

Oakley said: Lee Hyori is the best fashion star, this time shooting confirmed once again the value of her, … …

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